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Windows 11 has more than 10 new features to optimize time and take care of data

The company has been working on Windows 11 for a while and after its official release in late 2021, it is focused on improving existing features and adding new ones.

Now, the folks over at Redmond just announced a bunch of new features for Windows 11which allows to optimize the workflow:

New File Explorer

The first big change that Windows 11 will make in future updates will be the tabs of the File Browser. While it may seem like a ‘little’ addition to the public eye, the benefits it offers will be quite substantial.

These new tabs will allow you to see tips for files and documentsalso add folders and files to favorites for quick access.

Similarly, as was done in the browsersyou can open the tabs in Windows Explorer with the plus icon (+) that the company will soon implement.

Application Organization

The second novelty also reaches the Windows 11 folder. Now, the OS will allow organize the Applications and programs in the folders in the Start menu, as if it were a tablet Androidor iPad.

In this way, you can reinforce them according to personal needs and access them quickly.

Snap Layouts

This new innovation will focus on the Windows 11 experience in devices touch screen

With Snap Layouts you can arrange the windows on the screen in different ways: three columns, divided into two, three or four windows and columns at 80:20.

To use this new feature, simply tap on the options icon and the windows will be automatically arranged in the desired order.

Focus mode or Focus mode

With this new integration, Microsoft plans to make life easier for people living with attention regulation issues, like those with ADHD.

However, anyone can use it. With Focus mode, the device will go into Focus mode. Do not disturb, which will prevent the appearance of notifications that can distract the user.

Also, you can use the timer to control your working time.

Full integration with Windows 365

With this novelty of Windows 11, now, when turning on the computer or laptop, users will have the option to boot directly into Windows 365.

In addition, Windows 11 will better integrate the operating system into the cloud from Microsoft. With Windows 365 Switch, you can quickly switch between the two systems as easily as a new window or a new screen.

New live subtitles

Also known as live captions, this is an upcoming windows 11 integration that will be available for websites and applications. And the best thing is that it will be managed directly by the operating system, so you won’t have to depend on the subtitles of each website (which doesn’t usually have this functionality).

With automatic subtitles in Windows 11, se can see a transcript of almost everything that happens on the screen.

Windows 365, but offline

Yes, Microsoft’s cloud operating system also benefits from offline processing. With this improvement you’ll be able to work directly in Windows 365 even when users are offline.

Once you have Internet back, all changes will be automatically synced to the cloud.

macOS Inspired Video Call

Yes, Microsoft is now thinking of including two new features to improve the Windows 11 video calling feature. They are called Voice Focus and Eye Contact.

The first will allow the user eliminate background noise and leave only the voice.

The second, for its part, gives an option to blur background, detecting only the person’s face and body.

Artificial intelligence to protect users

This functionality will be available in SmartAppControl, one of the new features that will allow Windows 11 detect malicious applications when they try to block other people’s functions.

Smart App Control uses artificial intelligence and Microsoft algorithms to predict the malicious behavior of specific applications.

The first operating system protected against phishing

Thanks to Microsoft Defender, users will be alerted when they want to visit a website that could expose them to these types of attacks.

Of course, we currently don’t know when all these new features will be available in Windows 11. What we do know is that each update, Microsoft will gradually add it to its operating system.

Just be sure to update your devices regularly so you can take advantage of them as soon as they’re available.

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