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Windows 11 does not grow: disappointing spread even in April

Windows 11 adds the Quick Look feature to view photos in a different way

The most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system is struggling to come to the attention of the public: almost seven months after its official debut, it has not yet managed to exceed the threshold of 20% of the installed base Windows 10 and Windows 11 monitored by AdDuplex . Windows 11 usage increased 3% in April from last month, from 19.4% to 19.7%. Similar considerations for users previewing new versions of Windows 11 through the Insiders program: from 0.6% in March to 0.7%.

In the meantime, Windows 10 users are growing : the use of the most updated version of the operating system, the 21H2, increased by + 6.5% compared to last month, from 28.5% to 35%; Windows 20 21H1 users follow with 26.4% (-0.1% compared to March).

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Windows 11


The underlying reason that limits the spread of Windows 11 is always the same: the introduction of too stringent compatibility requirements that effectively exclude a large number of machines from the possibility of installing and using the operating system in an official and formally supported manner. To row against there are then the work of refinement of the functionality of the platform which proceeds at a fairly slow pace – see. the one on the taskbar which currently does not (officially) support basic functions present in Windows 10 such as the possibility of being repositioned on the sides of the screen – and the usual distrust of a new operating system that affects above all its diffusion in the corporate environment.

It should be noted that the statistics in question photograph the usage habits of the users of about 60,000 PCs based on Windows 10 and 11 on which the AdDuplex monitoring software is installed. They do not represent the totality of the installed base, but still suggest a persistent situation of difficulty of Windows 11 in terms of diffusion.


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