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Windows 11 adds the Quick Look feature to view photos in a different way

Whether it is used Windows either Mac, microsoft either Manzanasometimes a function is lost in the operating system that your direct competitor has. It can be an application, a menu or a small function that will greatly help the user’s performance within it. Fortunately, they often copy each other for everyone’s benefit. A clear example is Quick View what’s wrong with it macOS, a way to view photos that can be enjoyed on Windows 11 sooner rather than later when it gets added to Microsoft PowerToys.


In Apple’s words, “Quick Look provides a fast and complete preview of virtually all types of files without having to open them. Hence its name. It is very convenient when you have some images and you need to see more details of them. Instead of opening it with the image editor, it can be done with a quick view. At least on macOS.

Therefore, some Microsoft developers have developed an equivalent to MacOS Quick Look to integrate with Windows 11. In this way, you will be able to view photos in their original size directly from Windows without opening a specific application. All this without having to leave Windows Explorer in its versions to Windows 10 and Windows 11.


A big improvement for Windows that users have been asking for

Curiously, this add-on for Windows 11 will require Microsoft PowerToys to be installed. A collection of small utilities that change everything in Windows, add new features, and generally make life easier.


These are enhancements to windows that are not built into the operating system, but instead you have to install them with this software gratuitous that can be downloaded in your repository from GitHub.

Each new feature is added to Windows 11 with its own name. Currently, there are twelve notable ones, and those that perform small missions, but different from Windows 10 and Windows 11 operate by default:

-Always on Top: Block windows so that they are seen above the rest.


– Color Picker: a tool to import color from any window or application.

– Fancy Zones: Improves the way windows are arranged on the screen.

– File Explorer Add-ons: Adds new features to Windows Explorer.

-Image Resizer: enlarge images from a very practical contextual menu.

– KeyboardManager: Works to remap keyboard keys.

– Mouse utilities: Works to find and highlight the mouse cursor on the screen.

– PowerToys Awake: Keeps the computer on despite the power and shutdown options.

– PowerRename: An app for batch file renaming.

– Power Toys Run: An homage to Mac’s Spotlight, a universal desktop search engine.

-ShortcutGuide: teaches the keyboard shortcuts associated with the Windows key.

– Video Conference Mute– Turn off the microphone and turn off the camera with keyboard shortcuts.

This is how Preview will work on Windows

In future versions of Microsoft Powertoys, a new application can be found. Its name is now quickly shortened and handled on MacOS so it can be used on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

It works by selecting an image in Windows Explorer. pressing Shift + Space bar a new window opens showing this image in full size.

While there are some feature details, will work with most common Windows 11 image formats, that Explorer can preview.

The announcement took place in Reddit. One of the developers on Windows uploaded a test video showing how this feature called Peek. What yes, it is not known when it will be integrated into Microsoft PowerToys so that everyone can enjoy Quick View in Windows.

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