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Willow: Do you have to see the 1988 movie to watch the Disney+ series?

Willow: Do you have to see the 1988 movie to watch the Disney+ series?

Disney+ recently launched Willow, her new fantasy series which is a continuation of the famous film released in 1988 by Lucasfilm, the same studio behind Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

As a good part of the streaming audience is composed of young people who were probably born well after the 1980s and 1990s, as it is a sequel, the following question arose: is it necessary to see the film before watching the new series Willow on Disney+?

Willow: Do I need to watch the 1988 movie to understand the series?

If you had this question, you can relax because we have the answer. No, you don’t have to see the movie before the series. — but watching the classic feature film without a doubt should make the experience much more complete.


In the film, Willow Ufgood (Warwick David) has the mission to keep the baby Elora Danan safe, since a prophecy says that the child will have the power to defeat the evil queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh).

Something really important to know if you’re thinking of maybe watching the TV show first. is that the new plot is full of spoilers🇧🇷 So, if you don’t want surprises to be potentially ruined, it might be a good idea to give the feature a chance right away.


If you choose to skip the movie, that’s okay: the TV series does a good job of explaining events seen on the big screen, so even those unfamiliar with Willow’s story can enjoy Disney’s new fantasy series. .

If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre and can’t wait to catch up on the series, but you don’t like watching old movies or you’re not in the mood to check out the 1988 classic and its two hours, you can start watching the Willow series on Disney + without fear.

Now, if you have a little extra time, we strongly recommend that you also check out the feature film, which is also available in the subscription service’s catalogue.

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