Will Three Lives: Netflix series have a 2nd season? See what we know!

After starring in the teen drama Rebel, in 2004, Maite Perroni embarked on new challenges in his career and, recently, he has appeared in some serial productions on Netflix. First, she starred dark wish (2020) and, now, is the big star of Three Lives (2023), a work that has increasingly attracted the attention of streaming platform subscribers by mixing suspense, drama and mysteries.

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The first season of Three Lives, which is a Mexican production, had a total of 8 episodes, which were quickly devoured by viewers. So the question that arises now is: Three Lives Will there be a season 2 on Netflix or will it be cancelled? Well, we’ve gathered some information that might help us get closer to a conclusion.

Três Vidas features Maite Perroni as the protagonist and bets on intriguing mysteries to entice viewers.Source: Netflix

For now, the streaming giant has neither confirmed nor denied a sequel to Three Lives. As the series has only been on the air for a week (the premiere was on February 22, last Wednesday), it would be surprising if the platform already confirmed the future of the production, since it usually waits for more solid audience numbers to take this type of decision.

On the other hand, Three Lives has performed well, which gives us some hope for a renewal. Since its launch, the series has been in second place in the top 10 of Netflix, behind only Outer Banks. The plot, full of mysteries, is also a positive point and left fans with a taste of ‘I want more’. However, it is important to remember that the first part ends, apparently, definitively (like a miniseries). That is, the project’s writers would have to pull some rabbits out of the hat to continue the narrative.

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A possible solution to this would be to continue focusing on the three sisters (all played by Perroni) and the experience to which they were subjected, since the outcome of Three Lives hints that there are other people like them (is it?). Finally, Julia (Nuria Bages) and Humberto (David Chocarro) could return, even if he has ‘died’ at the end of the narrative. Likewise, Julia could resurface seeking revenge.

While nothing is confirmed, however, we look forward to news about the Mexican series!

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