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Will the next top mobile come with Exynos?

Will the next top mobile come with Exynos?

After the groaning start of the Exynos 2200 and the problems of the Galaxy S22, Samsung’s mobile division was able to quickly make a decision that meant a loss of prestige, but brought joy to users: the sequel is made with a Qualcomm chip in every single market, which the semiconductor business was obviously not happy about. At the same time, Google is Samsung’s long-term hardware partner, and according to SamMobile, the Tensor chips are essentially copies of the Exynos series, and this may remain the case this year as well.

Pixel 8 Pro render image based on CAD file (source: OnLeaks / SmartPrix) [+]

For example, the Tensor 2 may be modified on the Exynos 2200, and the Tensor 3 may vary on the much-talked-about, but ultimately unannounced Exynos 2300, before entering the housing of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Rumors of the named chip have not subsided to such an extent that details are still arriving: IT Home, for example, uses a kernel code with a 3.09 GHz Cortex-X3 top core, four 2.65 GHz Cortex-A715 performance cores and four 2.1 GHz es Cortex-A510 economical processor core, which would mean a total of nine components. The GPU can be Xclipse 930 based on AMD RDNA 2 architecture scaled to 1.4 GHz with 8 CU modules.

SamMobile adds that this chip may end up in the Pixel 8 family with some modifications, but this time Google will not ask Samsung to replace the Xclipse with a Mali GPU, i.e. the graphics accelerator of the reference mobiles may arrive on AMD basis. Until then, the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold can run with Tensor 2. The premiere of the Pixel 7a may be at Google I/On in May with a purchase price of between $450-$500, while the Pixel Fold debuting at the same place may have a price tag of between $1,300-$1,500. Why you have to wait a year for the Pixel Tablet to hit the shelves after last year’s preview, only Google can say.

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