Will the Fall continue? Understand the end of the Prime Video movie

Imagem de: A Queda vai ter continuação? Entenda final do filme do Prime Video

This last Friday (17), the sequence of The fall through the magazine deadline. The thriller hit theaters on September 29, 2022, but it was only this year, after being released on streaming platforms, that it gained a huge following.

The story follows Becky and Hunter, two friends who have always enjoyed adventuring in dangerous ways. Becky’s husband, Dan, was also very fond of this practice, but ended up dying during a climb. To go through the mourning, the pair of friends decide to climb a radio tower of more than 600 meters.

With the continuation already confirmed, it is important to understand the ending of the film to know what the sequel can explore. Check out how the feature film ends and more details about the future of The fall.

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The Fall’s End Explained

The pair of friends manage to climb the antenna tower, but end up getting trapped on top of it. From then on, they begin to run out of supplies such as food and water.

Hunter decides to go down to a platform on which there is a backpack with a drone and water. To do this, she needs to go down to a certain point and let go of the rope. She goes down there, manages to retrieve the supplies and the duo puts a message on the drone, but the device ends up being hit by a truck.

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Then, the duo tries to send a message through the cell phone, throwing it to the ground so that it has a signal. They already tried to do this by protecting him inside one of his sneakers, but it didn’t work. The two decide to try again and Becky asks for Hunter’s sneakers, but we have a big reveal.

Downfall’s Big Turn: What Happens to Hunter?

It is only at this moment that Becky realizes the truth: Hunter cannot lend her his sneakers, as Hunter is dead. She passed away in her attempt to fetch the drone. Since then, everything had been an illusion in Becky’s head.

(Source: Prime Video/Disclosure)(Source: Prime Video/Disclosure)Source: Prime

Realizing this, the next day, Becky goes down to the platform where Hunter’s body is located, puts the cell phone inside her friend’s sneakers and fits it inside an open wound. Then, Becky pushes Hunter’s body off the platform and he goes into free fall.

The cell phone survives the fall and manages to send the message to Becky’s father, who some time later arrives to rescue his daughter. With this, the protagonist manages to save herself from the tower, but ends up losing her friend.

What will the sequel to The Fall be like?

As the ending of The Fall allows for Becky’s story to be wrapped up, it remains unclear if the character will return for the film’s sequel. The theme of climbing a tower may also be changed, but nothing has been said so far.

“We have a few ideas that we’re tossing around… We don’t want to make something that feels like a ripoff or less than the first one,” James Harris, producer of the feature, said during the announcement of the sequel.

It is worth mentioning that the team behind the film also made Deep Fear, a film that follows two sisters caged at the bottom of the sea and surrounded by sharks. Will we get something along these lines following The Fall?