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Will the Apple Watch Ultra switch to MicroLED?

Will the Apple Watch Ultra switch to MicroLED?

At one time, Apple’s mobile gadgets used an LCD panel, then there were all kinds of iPhones, iPads and Watches, and the LCD (current iPhone SE, most iPads, that OLED (the other iPhones, all the Watches) and the mini-LED technology (12.9″ iPad Pro). You can log in as the fourth microLEDwhich operates in Samsung and LG TVs, promising higher brightness, longer life and lower consumption, while retaining the perfect blacks and explosive colors of OLED panels.

The Apple Watch Ultra is huge in terms of knowledge and size, but it is still poor in terms of operating time compared to sports watches [+]

It is hardly a coincidence that the two Korean manufacturers are Apple’s main display suppliers, and it is possible that they will be able to produce microLED screens for Apple. The first lucky winner could be the 2024 Watch Ultra, and especially if you are already competing with Garmins capable of operating for several weeks, the more economical solution can be a winner.

The 136
The 136″ and 120 Hz LG Magnit microLED TV is now available for $300,000 (HUF 111 million) [+]

This may be followed by iPhones, although the target date for this is still flexible, in fact: a Bloomberg according to the report, it is also possible that the largest Apple Watch will finally receive a microLED panel only in 2025. This is not the only news now that Cupertino is adding color to its display palette: the iPad Pro equipped with an OLED display may also debut in 2024.

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