Will Ted Lasso have a season 4? Jason Sudeikis comments!

Will Ted Lasso have a season 4?  Jason Sudeikis comments!

Ted Lasso delivered – pardon the infamous pun – four Emmy Awards on Monday night (12), including Outstanding Comedy Series. With that, the expectation of a 4th season of the Apple TV+ series has increased even more. Jason Sudeikis, actor and producer on the show, finally broke the silence about the future of the show.

Right after the Emmys, the magazine Variety got the chance to ask the star the million-dollar question, with the show’s crew and cast around him. Sudeikis responded if there would be a 4th season of Ted Lasso saying that… “don’t know”.

The actor and producer explained that the decision depends on more factors than himself. And he went on to say that the response to the show has been overwhelming and that he has a tremendous group of writers, actors, production and post-production. “All these things are thrown into a universe of possibilities,” he said.

But he continued, “I couldn’t say yes or no. I know this part of the show is what it’s supposed to be. And it will be everything it’s been lucky enough to become, based on all these additional developments. As far as the Season 4, I apologize for not giving you a more direct answer because I understand it’s useful for headlines.”


In other words, the 4th season of Ted Lasso may or may not happen. But anyway, at least we still have season 3, whose production began earlier this year, but which should arrive later than fans expect.

While the initial two seasons were released at the end of the North American summer – which has already passed in 2022 -, the 3rd season was for later. The reason was the real-life European football schedule, which caused filming to start later than usual.

While what seems most likely is the release of new episodes of the series in late 2022, Apple TV+ has yet to make an official announcement of the date.

Ted Lasso is based on the character Sudeikis initially played in a series of commercials covering the Premier League on NBC Sports.

In 2022, the series won, in addition to the Emmy for Best Comedy, the awards for best director in the genre, best comedy actor for Sudeikis and best supporting actor for Brett Goldstein.