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Will Shadow and Bones have a 3rd season on Netflix? See what we know!

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Since Sombra e Ossos (Shadow and Bone) premiered on Netflix in 2021, the series caught the attention of fantasy fans, who, over time, were delighted with the production, which is based on a trilogy of books of the same name created by Leigh Bardugo. No wonder, the production won a second season on the streaming giant, which premiered last Thursday (16) and continued the Grishaverse (universe that encompasses the narrative of Shadow and Bones).

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  • Shadow and Bones: relive the story until season 2 on Netflix

But as fans are always wanting more, many have already devoured the new episodes of the series over the weekend and are already asking themselves: Shadow and Bones Will there be a 3rd season on Netflix? We scoured the internet to find out what could happen to the work and we’ll tell you everything now. Check out!

Shadow and Bones: Season 3 will happen?

Fortunately, Eric Heisserer, who adapted Shadow and Bones for the small screen, he thought of a narrative that involves three seasons, as revealed by the Collider website. In an interview with the vehicle, the showrunner explained how important it is for him to follow Bardugo’s stories step by step and not break the timelines seen in the Grishaverse, when being transported to the series, they represented a great challenge.

“It was a three-year plan that I came up with, or a three-season plan. It came out in a really interesting way, because it came from a New Year’s goal that I set three years ago, which had to do with reading more for pleasure. I wasn’t doing that much, and there’s something weird when you read it for work, you’re always thinking ‘oh, this can be adapted…’ And I just wanted to have fun,” said the producer.

Despite Heisserer’s willingness to end Shadow and Bones with a 3rd season, that doesn’t mean your wish will come true. After all, nothing has yet been made official or even mentioned by Netflix. And, let’s face it, it’s still too early for that, since the second season of the series premiered a few days ago and has yet to be evaluated (in terms of audience and acceptance) by the streaming platform.

  • Sombra e Ossos: 7 similar series for those who want to venture out

However, the probability of a 3rd season of Shadow and Bones Getting off the ground is great, given the commitment of its showrunner and the direction the story has been taking, moving towards adapting the final chapters of Bardugo’s books. We’ll see!

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