Home Entertainment Will Mountain Troll: Netflix movie have a sequel?

Will Mountain Troll: Netflix movie have a sequel?

Will Mountain Troll: Netflix movie have a sequel?


The new Netflix movie, The Mountain Troll, is being a huge success on the streaming platform, reaching the top 1 of the most watched right now.

To the great surprise of subscribers, what seemed to be a closed ending gets a nice hook with a scene in the middle of the credits, when the tunnel in which the explosives were used reappears, with the ground shaking and stones rattling while something passes through them. , leading us to consider that more trolls are alive and that maybe we can see a continuation there.


And in a recent interview with What’s on the Netflix, director Roar Uthaug and producers Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud spoke a little more about the possibility of a sequel to the feature.

Will Mountain Troll have a sequel?

Source: Netflix


During the question and answer session, when asked about the possible continuation of the film, the director was more concerned with the audience’s reaction than with another project: “At the moment we are focused on having a good fun film and we will see how it will be answer”.

The producers, however, seemed to be more open-minded on the subject, with Kristian Strand stating that “As filmmakers, we’ve always had the ambition to make something that could last a little longer than a movie. Of course, we have ambitions to make a sequel and maybe two, but it all depends on how audiences are reacting to Troll.” Meanwhile, Esper commented that “Let’s put it this way: this has been a great collaboration with Roar and Netflix, and we’d love to do it again”.

With The Mountain Troll credits scene, a sequel would make perfect senseafter all, creatures can camouflage themselves, having remained hidden for all this time until they were discovered again by humanity.


And what do you think? Will the film continue to capture the public’s attention? Could Netflix produce a sequel? Tell us your opinions on TecMundo’s social networks!

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