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Will Lessons have a 2nd season on Netflix? Understand the end of the series

Imagem de: A Lição terá 2ª temporada na Netflix? Entenda o final da série

Last Friday (10), the second part of The lesson. The hit drama premiered on the platform in December 2022, but viewers had to wait three months to watch the sequel.

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The story follows Moon Dong-Eun, a woman who plots revenge against the people who bullied her in her teens. After its premiere last year, the series entered the Top 10 of around 70 countries where the platform is available and became yet another K-drama phenomenon.

After ending its story with 16 episodes, fans are questioning the possibility of a continuation of the series. Next, understand more about the end of the series and what it makes possible for the future of the project.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The Lesson’s End Explained

Park Yeon-Jin, the villain of the series, was responsible for the death of Yoon So-Hee, who had fallen from a building in the first part. Although the antagonist didn’t push her victim, she was intimidating her, until the moment So-Hee tripped and fell off the building.

After this discovery, Dong-Eun implements her plan to get revenge against her biggest bully. Although, she ends up moving away from Yeo-Jeong for a while, as she is psychologically unwell for a relationship.

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The protagonist has the help of the internet to reveal all the dirt in Yeon-Jin’s life. She exposes the woman’s cheating with her husband, Do-Yeong, and the way she deceived him about who their daughter’s real father was.

After having all her attitudes exposed, the villain ends up being abandoned by everyone who knows her and is arrested. Her life of luxury has come to an end and Dong-Eun’s revenge has been successful.

Dong-Eun's revenge on Yeon-Jin was complete and the villain arrested.  (Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Dong-Eun’s revenge on Yeon-Jin was complete and the villain arrested. (Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Will the Lesson have more episodes?

So far, no official information has been released regarding a continuation of the drama A Lição. As the story had a conclusion, the series can also be ended currently without concern for the fans.

It is important to know that South Korean productions are not used to receiving several seasons. Most of the time, just one season tells all the necessary story.

In very successful cases, a continuation can be made, but that depends on the producer’s willingness to continue the story and whether it will really be worth it. However, by The lesson having already completed the entire arc of revenge for the protagonist, the probability of a renewal of the series is low.

So, would you like to watch new episodes?

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