Will Cobra Kai have season 6 on Netflix? See what we know!

The long-awaited fifth season of Snake Kaiwhich quickly climbed into the top 10 most-watched titles on the platform.

In the ten new episodes, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence team up to face off against Terry Silver, the main villain of Karate Kid 3 and that returns to be interpreted by Thomas Ian Griffith.

Cobra Kai season five is now available on Netflix

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Snake Kai will there be a season 6?

If you’ve already finished the season and are wondering if Snake Kai will win new episodes, the news is good. That’s because, at the end of 2021, producer Josh Heald stated in an interview that the series had a script ready for at least two more seasons.

“When you get deeper into some relationships, you naturally get to develop more stories. We still have a plan for the end of the series, but we’re already writing material beyond Season 5. It’s been fun bringing in these new characters and seeing them walk in. their own roads,” he said.

Responding to fans on Twitter, co-creator John Hurwitz stated that the “Miyagiverse is far from over.” However, it is worth noting that the sixth season has not yet been confirmed by Netflix.

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