Will Antonio Banderas be Galactus? This video of the actor raises the hopes of Marvel fans

From gazpachuelo to concha fina, going through the ubiquitous fried fish, Malaga is a city with a great tradition of tapas. Now, are inhabited planets included in this menu? Well, it could be, if the rumors about Antonio Banderas Interpreting Galactus, the Eater of Worlds, in a future movie of Marvel.

Although the actor from Malaga has not yet confirmed or denied his incorporation into the MCU, rumors about it do not stop growing. Rumors that have further fueled the video recently posted by Banderas on his twitter.

“Here I am in the strange, and slightly daunting, process of building an exact replica of my face for a film… of which I will inform you later”, writes the protagonist of The law of Desire, accompanying a clip in which we see him practically mummified and covered from the neck up by a viscous substance.

Who is Galactus, and why could it be Banderas?

Speculations about the appearance of Banderas as Galactus in a movie of Marvel they are very timely. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (for a change) In 1966, this character who destroys planets to earn a living is an inseparable part of the myth of the Fantastic four, supergroup that will finally join the MCU in 2025 with the film directed by Matt Shakman.

In fact, Galactus’s debut is considered one of the founding moments of the Marvel Comic Universe. This two-issue saga not only laid the foundations for the publisher’s ‘cosmic’ side, but also marked the first appearance of such a charismatic character as Silver Estela (Silver Surfer). In addition, he confronted his readers with a much more ‘adult’ story than was expected at the time in superhero comics.

Unfortunately, the character’s only film appearance so far has been most disappointing. We talk about Fantastic 4 and Silver Surfer, film that did the myth a disservice despite having Doug Jones (The shape of water) like Silver Star.

With this precedent, the perspective of an interpreter like Banderas giving life to the Devourer of Worlds it is incredibly tempting for the ‘marvel zombies’ of the world. If the expectations are met, let’s hope that the film respects that unrepeatable image, including the helmet with spoilers. And hear the man from Malaga exclaim that about “Thus speaks…Galactus!” with his unmistakable voice he will also be a must.

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