Home Entertainment Will Alchemy of Souls have a 3rd season on Netflix?

Will Alchemy of Souls have a 3rd season on Netflix?

Will Alchemy of Souls have a 3rd season on Netflix?

The history of Alchemy of Souls was told over 30 episodes divided into two seasons available on Netflix. The project soon became one of the most watched non-English series on the platform.

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Due to this fact, many fans expected the renewal of the series, and were surprised to discover that there won’t be a new season. Some think the series was cancelled, but that’s not the case.

In truth, K-drama’s initial planning was always like this. It’s hard enough for a drama to receive more than one season. So getting a third was totally out of the question by the project’s creators from the beginning.

(Source: tvN/Disclosure)Source: tvN

Understand the reasons for the end of the series

In an interview with Sport Chosun, a South Korean news portal, showrunner Park Joon-Hwa said the following:

“It was harder than I thought to get the narrative and story of the relationship into 20 chapters, so I made the decision [de produzir uma segunda temporada] right at the beginning.”

In addition to the showrunner, tvN, the project’s producer, has also denied the possibility of a continuation.

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So, while both seasons have been well received by audiences and critics alike, the show’s story is over.

On the positive side, the series has an ending that satisfies its viewers. Soon, there won’t be the problem that many series go through when many seasons start to be made and the story gets lost in the middle of them.

(Source: tvN/Disclosure)(Source: tvN/Disclosure)Source: tvN

Still, several other drama series can be seen on Netflix in addition to Alquimia das Almas and the world-famous Round 6. An Extraordinary Lawyer, The Eternal King It is Family Wife are some of the examples of great projects that can be seen on the platform.

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So, will you miss watching the show?

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