Home Tech News Why Yahoo Answers is Shutting Down? Complete detail with Reasons

Why Yahoo Answers is Shutting Down? Complete detail with Reasons

why Yahoo answers is shutting down, reason to shutdown yahoo answers
Yahoo Answers

The oldest and most famous platform for online question and answer in the history of the Internet, Yahoo Answers is Shutting Down on May 4. The Yahoo Answers website will start redirecting to the Yahoo home page, and all files on the platform will obviously cease to exist. This QnA platform has been running since 2005.

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After Yahoo was acquired by Telecom in 2017 for nearly $ 5 billion, it has now become part of the Verizon Media Group. Yahoo has recently announced the change on the home page of the platform. The message is linked to the FAQ, which details the timetable for the closure. The Frequently Asked Questions explains that after April 20, the platform will not accept new submissions.

Users must also request their data before June 30, otherwise, they will not be able to access their data after it. Yahoo stated that it includes “all user-generated content, including question lists, questions, answer lists, and any images. But you will not be able to download content, questions and answers from other users.”

A message sent to active members of the platform to provide more detailed information on why Yahoo Answers is Shutting Down, including “it has been unpopular for many years” and the company “decided to transfer our resources from this product. The company wants to focus only on that product that facilitates the users.

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Last Message from Yahoo Answers:

Dear Yahoo Answers Community,

We launched Yahoo Answers 16 years ago in order to help people around the world to connect and share information. Together with you and millions of other users around the world, we have established the best place on the web to ask and answer questions on various topics.  Thus creating a global knowledge-sharing community. While we cannot be proud of what we have accomplished together. We have connected with you today to tell you that we are shutting down the platform on May 4, 2021.

Although Yahoo Answers War was once a key component of Yahoo’s products and services. It has become less popular in the past few years due to changing needs of our users. Now, we decided to transfer resources from this platform to focus on products that can better serve our users and fulfill Yahoo’s promise to provide quality and reliable content.

Despite the momentum of this news, it may not be surprising that yahoo Answers is Shutting Down. The platform will receive questions and answers until April 20. It will finally be closed on May 4, 2021. Yahoo said users will be able to request downloads until June 30, 2021. This includes all user-generated content, including their list of questions, question, list of answers, answers, and any image, said Yahoo. But you will not be able to download questions or answers from other users.

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