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Why Will used an Apple Watch in Stranger Things 4

Will's smartwatch in Stranger Things 4
Will’s smartwatch in Stranger Things 4

During the fourth season of Stranger Things, viewers noticed something strange about Will’s wrist, it turned out that he was wearing a kind of Apple Watch. However, this is not a production error, but a nod to one of the most representative technological artifacts of the 90s.

As had already happened with the other seasons, the fourth installment of the series has been a trending topic In Internet. Users have not stopped talking about the series, its characters and actors on Instagram, TikTok and countless forums on the web.

This time it was Will’s turn, because his fans found it striking “that kind of watch” that he wears on his wrist in one of the chapters, since they cannot figure out if it is a Apple Watch or it is another element, but one certainty is that Eleven’s stepbrother is not a time traveler.

It’s not unusual for big series productions to sometimes make some mistakes, like what happened a long time ago with the last season of “Game of thrones”, where a glass of Starbucks escaped in the middle of the scenery set in medieval times. However, this time what happened to the Netflix show was not a mistake.

It seems that Duffer’s brothers and the team behind the cameras knew very well what they were doing, since this watch would be part of the wardrobe of the series and it would be the “prehistoric ancestor” Apple Watch.

Specifically, internet users have referred to a scene from Stranger Things 4, where actor Noah Schnapp can be seen, “very involved in his character as an eighties teenager, with the outfit and everything”, until suddenly a detail shot of the character’s wrist, immediately sparking nostalgia among Generation X.

Well it is the “QBert Nelsonic Game Watch” of the QBert brand, a fairly small and portable video game console which was launched around those years, that is, almost four decades ago. Only despite its age, many Internet users, perhaps the youngest, confused it with a current smartwatch that monitors heart rate and allows you to answer calls.

In the 80’s this watch was the Christmas wish of any child, because Donkey Kong or Super Mario could be played on it.

Despite being a jewel of technology at the time, today it is very difficult to find a QBert and, much more, acquire one if you are not a collector or owner of an antique store, where they will most likely have obtained the watch for the clothing of the series.

With this iconic piece, users have praised the series of streamingsince, according to them, the production took care of even those small details, making the plot even more interesting and immersive.


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