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Why WhatsApp is being used by companies to have more customers

Why WhatsApp is being used by companies to have more customers
How WhatsApp helps companies and ventures to have remarkable growth.  (photo: Juan Carlos Mejia)
How WhatsApp helps companies and ventures to have remarkable growth. (photo: Juan Carlos Mejia)

The importance of messaging apps Y social networks in all personal and professional fields today is an indisputable fact. Among the developments available on the market, without a doubt, WhatsApp stands out as the app with greater potential, locator and widely used worldwide.

This instant messaging application, launched in 2009 and acquired by Facebook (now Goal) in 2014, is the most used in the world, with Telegram either FacebookMessenger like its closest competitors; its current users are about 2,000 million people, of which nearly 500 million people use it daily for personal, professional, and business purposes. As a digital platform, WhatsApp ranks only above web giants Facebook and Youtube.

It is because of that many companies and enterprises choose to offer their products or services through WhatsApp, since within its advantages, the platform offers these services:

– Automated messaging tool to quickly respond to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where business profiles can be created with important information such as: address, email, company website, business hours, etc.

– Many statistics and analysis, that show the number of messages that were successfully sent, sent, and read.

– Automate the processes of attracting attention, response and authorization of order transactions, generation of extractions and data updates, among others.

– API (Application Programming Interface) to connect WhatsApp with other processes and internal platforms of the company.

WhatsApp.  (photo: Five Days)
WhatsApp. (photo: Five Days)

WhatsApp is positioned as a very useful tool for companies

The vast majority of companies and enterprises opt for the option of whatsapp business, which is designed by Meta, with the aim of being a very useful tool for small and medium-sized companies, helping to establish effective connections with customers in a specialized and personalized way. The app has evolved from a tool for personal and family communication to a powerful platform for efficient and omnidirectional commercial interaction.

In this development, they can create very specific profiles for companies: name, profile, description, category, contact telephone number, related product category (offers and information), services, automated messages, addresses and locations, service hours and customer service, organization and segmentation, brand pages, branding, and more.

WhatsAppBusiness.  (photo: Bet Communication)
WhatsAppBusiness. (photo: Bet Communication)

These technical benefits allow improve internal and external communication, provide better customer service with quick responses, categorize customers and determine the level of attention or urgency needed (WhatsApp Business API).

The internal communication of organizations can find a great ally in WhatsApp Business. Among the most relevant tasks provided by development, allows the creation of several work groups with the capacity to host up to 256 synchronous users, make video calls or exchange information.

The information and documents work in a simple way, limiting the action to the participants, erasing the message and projecting it all in a very professional visual environment.

Example of a company in which WhatsApp has been key to its growth

Juju, the largest virtual bonus catalog in Colombia, doubled its sales in the first quarter of 2022, supported by the excellent results of its new loyalty and incentive solutions through the launch of WhatsApp in 2021.

After losing 60% of customers during the most critical time of the pandemic, this company joined the digital transformation and joined new solutions that work through WhatsApp:

-Instant Rewards: solution aimed at mass consumption brands that seek to activate their sales through promotions in which their customers send their invoice.

– Express Bonds: a new way to receive and consume virtual bonuses.

During the economic reactivation, this instant messaging platform has managed to 74% of its users in Colombia make successful transactions in more than 30 categories (April 2021, MinTIC).

According to a survey conducted in 18 countries of Latin America by the Latinobarómetro Corporation, it was identified that the 64% of the continent’s population uses WhatsApp, with Colombia among the 6 countries with the highest participation.

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