Why was recording “No Limits” so dangerous? Discover the details behind the scenes

Why was recording “No Limits” so dangerous?  Discover the details behind the scenes

History behind the discovery of the roundness of the earth. (Prime Video)

Starring the Spaniard Álvaro Morte (The Professor in The Money Heist) and the brazilian Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes I in 300), Unlimited was released on June 10, 2022 and focuses its plot on the first round the world of Elcano and Magellan.

The production of Spanish origin has 6 episodes, which is arousing interest in the surprising story that literally and symbolically changed the way we see the world. Therefore, in TechMarkup we want you to know a little more about their hard work behind the scenes below.

Discover what’s behind the most spectacular scenes of the new Prime Video series: “No Limits”. (Prime Video)

Unlimited it had a lot of fire, weapons and water; but lots of water. All this in order to obtain impressive and high-level results, like blockbusters. The work behind this fiction is one of those that is often not disclosed. However, on this occasion its producer and distributor Prime Video thought it was worth doing. In addition to pointing out that “in a production of these characteristics, everything is measured and rehearsed to the millimeter,” said the streaming company.

A lot of loading machinery, mobile pools, super-protected cameras so as not to get wet, strenuous rehearsals of fight riots, a lot of noise and too cold, among many details were part of Unlimited. In one of the behind-the-scenes shots, you can see how they jokingly ask Santoro, accompanied by the actor Adrian Lastra, what is that “red carpet” like? ballast She responds while shivering from the cold that she is “different, always glamorous and comfortable”. What Santoro ironically, it adds up expressing: “Very comfortable”.

Actor Rodrigo Santoro, main character of "Without limits".  (Prime Video)
Actor Rodrigo Santoro, main character of “Without limits”. (Prime Video)

Similarly, one of the experts in charge, reveals that much of the work there is extremely dangerous, so he recommends that children and others not do it at home.

The work to carry out the project Unlimited It was integrated by 16 specialists and 6 doubles of actors, without forgetting the other people who collaborated, which were more than 50 people.

Álvaro Morte, leading actor of the Spanish miniseries "Without limits".  (Prime Video)
Álvaro Morte, leading actor of the Spanish miniseries “Without limits”. (Prime Video)

With only 5 days of having premiered this series, Unlimited It has been well received by the public and the spectators, especially due to the performances of the two protagonists, as they believe that they excelled in this epic history of humanity.