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Why the Getcontact app is dangerous and what is the solution to know how they saved my contact on another cell phone

Why the Getcontact app is dangerous and what is the solution to know how they saved my contact on another cell phone
Trick to know how they have saved one in WhatsApp without using GetContact.  (photo: Trome)
Trick to know how they have saved one in WhatsApp without using GetContact. (photo: Trome)

A great surprise was taken by thousands of users of WhatsAppthe instant messaging application most popular in the world, after in the social networks became a trend trick that allows you to find out the name or nickname that your friends put you in the address book of your smartphone.

Unlike other methods that exist in the Internetthis works on Android Y iPhoneY it does not require the user to install Getcontact or any other unknown app. Emphasis is placed on the aforementioned because it is already known by experts in cyber security that users should not not install this softwareas it could steal personal information.

Before learning the trick to know how they saved one on WhatsApp from another cell phone, TechMarkup will explain everything about GetContact. At the end of the note, there will be the trick without using the app mentioned.


What is GetContact?

GetContact is a caller ID as can be True Caller. Its main objective is to filter unwanted calls, warning the user that they are receiving a communication from a robot or a telephone exchange.


However, its great differential for which it has become famous again is that the app promises users to be able to know how other users of the same app register them although these are not in our freedom of contacts.

GetContact.  (photo: Technifyr.com)
GetContact. (photo: Technifyr.com)

To do this, it is simply necessary to create an account with a phone number and these functions can be accessed. Precisely this function is so popular that the app itself allows you to share it in WhatsApp states, videos of TikTok either stories of Instagram.

However, it should be noted that these labels are only available between users who have the application. It would not be possible to know how a person has one scheduled on their cell phone if they do not have GetContact.

Its function does not stop there. It’s a free service, but if you want tools like knowing who sees your tags, how many people have searched for your number, and more.

So is GetContact safe or not

Since GetContact they ensure that there is full control of the same user over their privacy: they will be able to see how the profile information is displayed and what information is visible to others in the community.

They also state that “they do not sell personal information to third parties.” According to the app website, su form of monetization is through the advertisements of Google Y Facebook, in addition to the Premium subscriptions of some users.

Precisely for this, when logging into this type of application, information is granted so that the app segments its users and offers products according to individual characteristics.

GetContact it also ensures that it “does not have the technical or operational capacity to process or upload address book data outside of our explicit legitimate purposes.”

GetContact.  (photo: Kaspersky)
GetContact. (photo: Kaspersky)

But, through a statement, the cybersecurity company Kaspersky revealed that users who downloaded Getcontact They are authorizing the developers of this controversial app to have access to their personal information, such as contact lists, photos, IP addresses, among others.

“When you accept the terms, you not only transfer your personal data to the application, but also those of your colleagues and friends.” “Clearly you have to pay a price to get all these benefits: the app can access your contacts, it wants all the names and numbers you have,” points out the cybersecurity company.

Then, Knowing this, it will be better to delete the app if it is downloaded to a cell phone. If you want to remove the number from the database, it is not enough to uninstall the app. In the case of GetContactyou have to enter http://getcontact.com/manage: Sign in > Visibility settings > Off.

GetContact.  (photo: Sport)
GetContact. (photo: Sport)

So you can know how they saved my contact on WhatsApp without using Getcontact

So, the time has come. Although not many believe it, there is a method that allows WhatsApp users, be they Android either iPhonefind out how their friends decided to save them in their agenda telephone. The best thing about this trick is that it does not require installing any app; however, some persuasion is required.

Oneself will have to convince the WhatsApp contact in question to send one’s number, but not as a text message, but do it through the ‘Share contact’ option.

To do this, click on the icon clip and select this feature. Only in this way will it be possible to know if they gave one their first and last name, or a nickname.

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