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Why the experience of a 50-year-old engineer and the vitality of a young one are needed in the automotive industry

José Román, President and CEO of Nissan Mexicana and NIBU. (Nissan)

With the passage of time the technology has begun to be incorporated into different aspects of people’s daily lives, such as administration home, control of electronic devices and also in transport, which incorporates a relevant factor such as the need to establish clean energies as a standard to reduce levels of pollution globally.

This change in the technology and in the development of the automobile park of the Latin American countries not only involves greater efforts in the investigationbut also includes the incorporation and joint work of people belonging to different generationswho play an important role in adapting each product to the needs of the people.

infobae talked with jose romanthe president and CEO of Nissan in Mexico and NIBU about how the sector incorporates technology into its new models and what role the new generations have such as the millennials in the company and its operation.

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The role of young people in the development of the company

“At least in nissan Mexicana, there was an important generational change because we were full of generations like the Baby Boomers, Generation X and others, while now the 70% of employees in all areas is millennial ”, indicated Román in communication with TechMarkup. According to the representative of the companyit is important to know how to apply the characteristics of each group in the job.

According to the director of the Mexican branch of the company“I need the experience of engineers who are 50 years old, the vitality and desire to do new things of young people, as well as the experience of people from different nationalities”.

Furthermore, it was claimed that millennials They have the ability to teach older people what their vision, customs and what clients of this age range may want in a company such as Nissan, which is betting on introducing different types of technology in their products to benefit as many people as possible. “I have had two mentors who have been millennials (…) and I am learning from people from 24 to 28 years old. It’s something we have to accept because we can’t live without each other.”

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Introduction of automobile technology

Another relevant aspect that is forming part of the company according to Román, is that they are implementing different types of technology so that the products adapt to the needs of the users and that this process is not the other way around. In particular, the automaker is incorporating around 13 different types of technology into the latest models, he told infobae.

Nissan's e-Power technology uses a small gasoline engine to regenerate the energy consumed by the electric-powered car. (Nissan)
Nissan’s e-Power technology uses a small gasoline engine to regenerate the energy consumed by the electric-powered car. (Nissan)

“These are technologies that serve people in their day-to-day lives that can make driving easier, increase their safety, pollute less and tire the engine less on a day-to-day basis in city traffic,” added the representative of nissan Mexican, who also stated that the adaptation is not only from the products to the users, but also includes the geography and the infrastructure which is held in different countries.

Roman assures that nissan has different solutions for each region. “For Europe it is mixed with electric cars and e-Power (which does not require connecting the car to a charging port) because the cities are already ready. In the United States it is different because around the 40% will work with electricity for him 2030While for Latin America still believing that we could have adequate infrastructure for electric cars in the next 5 years is not going to happen. The e-Power would change that because the gasoline load the car”

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The manager stated that the offer of the products of the company automotive will depend on what people are looking for, so that those who want to have a hybrid, electric, gasoline or gasoline-powered car e-Power, you will have options available. However, he also stressed that the ultimate goal is to have “zero emissions and zero accidents”, so each type of technology it will adapt over time to achieve the goal.

What is e-power?

It is distinguished by its 100% electric propulsion with a powerful start and immediate response thanks to instantaneous torque, generating linear acceleration.

What technological aspects does it bring:

-Functioning: The vehicle incorporates a 100% electric propulsion system that is responsible for moving the wheels of the vehicle.

-Autonomy: They do not need to be connected to an electrical power source, which allows unlimited autonomy and does not depend on any type of charging infrastructure. In the e-POWER system, the gasoline engine is not connected to the wheels, it is only responsible for recharging the battery that supplies the voltage to the electric motor to generate torque and power. It has a range of more than 900 kilometers in the city, according to the approval data.

-Acceleration: mImproves handling response thanks to its instant torque.

-Power: High performance electric motor that delivers more power when driving.

-and-4ORCE: dual-motor technology that takes the vehicle to new heights by incorporating electric four-wheel drive control. This allows maximum grip for each wheel and flexibly controls the movement of the vehicle, for more comfortable and reliable handling in any scenario.

-e-Pedal Step: aWhen you release the accelerator pedal, e-Pedal Step uses load resistance to decelerate the vehicle, reducing the use of the brake pedal, resulting in simple handling. Maximizes range efficiency through regenerative braking.

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