Why Pedro Pascal is called the ‘daddy’ of the internet

Be a daddy it’s a mooda way of life, a state of mind. What does this mean exactly? Neither Peter Pascalbaptized by the beings of Twitter as the “daddy Internet”, is clear about what he means, although this has not prevented him from accepting his new status with a smile on his face.

Appeared in Narcosstars The Mandalorian (which ended its third season on April 19) and is now the king of the internet after appearing on The Last of Usthe series about an apocalyptic world based on a video game that has become the biggest phenomenon on HBO Max.

He is the actor of the moment and proof of this is that all directors want to work with him. Important productions like Gladiators 2 or the new short film by Almodóvar have the participation of the interpreter, so loved on the internet that it has not only become a Tik Tok meme along with Nicolas Cagebut even at the Oscars he managed to steal the limelight from Hollywood stars despite not being nominated.

It was on the show The Graham Norton Show when the actor was asked directly about the important question. “Do you enjoy all the attention?” “Yes”, he answered with a cheeky face. “You are him daddy of the internet, what is the ‘daddy of the internet’?”, the presenter continued to ask him. “Me!”, the actor replied laughing, to which he added: “I’m still trying to figure it out. There’s also the zaddy […] I really am a zaddy.

Relax, we have searched for you. According to him city ​​dictionarya zaddy is “usually a man older than you but very sexy” (for more detailed information, we invite you to search for the definition yourself). We confirm, then: Pedro Pascal is a zaddy.

Norton then proceeds to show the tweets of his fans, who comment that “I have to stop calling Pedro Pascal ‘daddy’, it’s becoming a problem”, “controlling myself not to yell ‘!daddy!’ every time I see Pedro Pascal on the screen” or “Pedro Pascal is my cool slutty daddy“.

Is it because he always plays the sexy adult by adopting a child and protecting him from the dangers of the world? Who knows, but who cares. The important thing here is that, as he himself states, Pedro Pascal is and will always be our favorite daddy.

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