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Why on social networks you see more content from influencers and not from friends

Why on social networks you see more content from influencers and not from friends
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When social media apps like Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006) and even instagram (2010) were created, they all had in common and it was the component of contacting, seeing and interacting with what the friends of the close circle of people did through their publications in the form of texts, photos or videos.

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However, over the years these social media they changed their focus and went from prioritizing the publications of friends or close people with whom they had a close relationship to promoting contents more related to the interests of each of the users of the platform.

An article by Sarah Frier, a reporter for Bloomberg, indicated that during the year 2022 Most of the social networks had a change in their behavior and particular attention began to be given to content that generates more interactions such as memes or publications of influencersin addition to advertisements, with the intention of entertain more to people and make them spend more time inside the platform.

(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

Why did the approach to social media change?

With the advent of platforms like TikTok to the market of social media in which entertaining content is disseminated in short formats in which the “virality”, other applications migrated their attention to seek the promotion, dissemination and production of publications similar ones that have a great capacity to generate interactions, as is the case of reelswhich were promoted in the second half of 2022 by the platforms and which are used by creators and companies to generate advertising content in these spaces.

Meanwhile, the social factor of these virtual spaces was relegated to groups in Facebookwhich have also been given a more social component after the creation of the communities with different resources with which it is possible to interact more closely with friends and make new contacts with common interests through chat groupseither text or voice.

In the case of instagramFor example, during 2022, a new function called “Favourites Feed” was created and integrated into the platform, which seeks to differentiate the contents common recommended by the platform of those publications generated by profiles to which users may feel more attracted or with which they relate more, such as the close circle of friends or creators favorites.

Feed of favorites on Instagram (Capture)
Feed of favorites on Instagram (Capture)

Other spaces such as Best Friends in instagram or the Circles of Twitter They are also looking for new ways to differentiate the content generated by people they know or close friends from the rest of the publications that have the purpose of generating interactions and a longer residence time in each social network without losing the element of virality or the relationship of the users with the content that is promoted or prioritized by the social media.

“The type of service that social networks will provide from now on will be different, more focused on the interests of users than on their friends (…) will focus on keeping people entertained with the help of artificial intelligence”, assures Frier, who also indicates that it is the people who will determine what is worth seeing in each application.

The role of creators in social networks

With the implementation of these changes in the different platformsthe figure of content creators will be seen more frequently as a greater number of people will seek to make careers using the social media.

That is why social networks no longer only focus on providing a better experience to users. consumers of content, but also to those who create it by giving them more resources to make their job easier. The tools of programming publications in instagram and the integration of future badges and achievements that recognize constancy in publishing are only part of the story. trend that seeks to recognize the importance of the figure of the creators.

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