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Why it is not good to charge a phone in the USB port of the car

Whenever people are running out battery in its smartphonelook for an emergency outlet to be able to charge the device. However, sometimes they use the car to connect a smartphone Android or, a iPhone.


Although many people do not believe it, this practice is not recommended for the mobilenor for the same car.

Many people may believe that if there is adapters to charge the phone in the car, means that the vehicle and the cell phone are fully suitable for charging, but no, it is not necessarily so. And just think carefully, Does the car really charge a cell phone effectively?


No. Not only charge poorly. Sometimes it won’t even charge (even when it says full battery). As one can already imagine, This can have consequences for both your cell phone and your car.

There are several reasons why the car should never be used as a charger, and then TechMarkup will mention them:


– The car battery wears out unnecessarily

If you start with the car itself, the first affected is the battery. If the generator power is also used to charge the electronic device, the battery will not fully charge.

As a result, the battery will tend to run out without warning, which could possibly leave the person stranded on the track without being able to start the car (if it is automatic).


Besides, It should be remembered that it is the battery that provides power when the car is off.

– The voltage of a car is not the best option for what a cell phone requires

Another aspect to take into account is that the voltage required by a mobile phone is not compatible with that provided by the car.

The cell phone needs more voltage. If in addition to charging, the phone is being used, more energy will be consumed by the device and even, could overheat.

Some cars already offer more power, but there are very few options on the market.

– As with the battery, the car consumes fuel

In addition, the use of electricity implies greater fuel consumption. The same applies to air conditioners: they all require electricity and power.

While fuel consumption may not sound like much, an article published a few years ago in Bloomberg showed that it matters a lot, raising awareness among all the people who do it in the world.

So you have to know that if you use the air conditioning, GPS, the lights are on at night and above all the aforementioned, the cell phone is charged, fuel consumption will be much higher.

Myths and truths about charging the cell phone in a car

As for the impact of smartphones, there are many myths. Although there are sources of information that firmly assure that the phone will be damaged, others do not consider it so.

However, it is easily noticeable. A warning sign is that the battery of the phone in question lasts less or much less than before. Before confirming that it is the fault of the car, it is better to analyze the charging habits and the use of the device.

What yes, it is an indisputable fact that it is more expensive. As noted by Bloomberg, a phone connected to a port it reduces mileage, increases pollution, and costs 33 times more than using a home store.

From infobae, all users are advised to avoid voltage changes (except emergencies), as well as using a normal cell phone charger or even a portable charger.

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