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Why it is important to unplug electrical appliances when you are not at home

When leaving home for a long period of time, for example during the holidays, it is best to disconnect all electronic devices and that they do not remain “stuck” to the electrical current.


Some will think that it is enough to leave them off because there is no danger. So why bother reaching to the outlets to unplug each and every one of the appliances?

It is true that many prefer to simply suspend their computers, consoles and more, to save a few seconds when using them again, so turning them off before leaving for days may be enough.

Why is it not enough to turn off the devices


If the issue of the environment is not enough due to skepticism or indifference, disconnecting them will help prevent the electricity bill from increasing senselessly.

Even if the devices are turned off, they consume energy. The older the device, the more light it will consume, since it is likely that in its time there were not enough ecology regulations.


In accordance with ESET, For an average worker in California, the approximate cost of off-peak energy may be 28 cents per kWh, which translates to a potential cost of $4 per year, just for leaving electronics plugged in.

While $4 a year may not seem like much money for the convenience of not being unplugged from everything, multiplied by the thousands of like-minded people in a city, the expense becomes significant.

If, in addition, the cost of a small city, which would be a few thousand dollars, is multiplied by the size of the state or the country, the final result is brutal. But Beyond the money that must be paid, simply for leaving the appliances connected, there is the carbon footprint.


While money is an important issue, the “real” cost is paid by the environment, that according to the cybersecurity company, energy wear releases about 15 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

In this sense, it is recommended that, despite the fact that it may not mean a blow to the portfolio, it is appealed to each person to become aware and disconnect their devices.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) also recommends unplug all electrical devices that are not in use. In addition to do not consume energythere’s no way they can electrocute someone.

That is, take a few minutes to unplug devices before leaving home for a long period of time. you can make a significant change in the bill payment, but mainly for the world.

Data transmission also pollutes

Gabriela Jiménez Casas from the UNAM Institute of Ecology pointed out that the transmission of data also generates pollution and that it is just as important. Just using a social network requires connection to various servers.

When the server installations are so large, a cooling system is necessary so that they do not heat up and burn. In this way, everyone They generate a significant amount of CO2.

“It is not only what the equipment consumes as such, but also its maintenance,” said the ecologist in 2020 in a UNAM publication.

For help reduce carbon footprintyou can also turn off your cell phone at night or when an important call or message is not expected, as well as disconnect devices.


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