Why is my mobile charging so slow? Complete guide to fix Slow mobile charging

Reason of slow mobile charging, why my mobile charging is slow

Today, even the simplest and the cheapest smartphones have really fast-charging features. However, we still have some phones in our pockets that take a long time to charge. You must not give up and solve the problem immediately. If your phone takes a long time to charge and has been plugged into the outlet, you need to find why is mobile charging so slow?

Currently, we need to find out if the problem lies in the configuration of the mobile device or the hardware used to charge the device. In this case, the fault may be in the battery of the mobile itself or in the motherboard. It can cause us to go through a repair center, a charger, or a fault in the cable that is used to power the phone. It is the worst ally for charging and battery life. Because batteries older than two years can not function as on the first day. If this is not your case, we will try the following solutions.

Possible solutions for Slow mobile charging:

Leave the Mobile alone while Charging

In many cases, the battery performance is poor, either in the level of autonomy or in the level of charge. This is simply due to too many applications running on the phone. After opening for a short period of time, Android apps often start automatically or run as a background process.

This will significantly increase the use of system resources and affect battery behavior. The simplest solution is to close all open applications and stop charging the phone if possible. If you notice that an app has bad operating habits when it shouldn’t be running, consider uninstalling it.

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Bad System Update

If you have downloaded the new system update on your smartphone only to check your slower mobile charging. In this case, there is most likely a technical fault in the newly downloaded software. Usually, new updates are sent to improve the performance of the phone. However, an error or any type of failure may occur during the installation process. There may be a bug in the software that caused the failure. In this case, you can wait until the brand releases a patch that solves the problem or you go back to the previous update of Android.

Why the mobile charging is slower, mobile charging is slow

Fault in Charger or Cable

The most common culprit is your charging kit for slow mobile charging. Due to weak or worn connectors, the USB cable may lose contact and stop working properly. Adapters can be damaged by power surges, which can cause malfunctions.

When this happens, try using another charging kit (adapter and cable) to charge the phone and see if it works. If the smartphone can now be charged properly, there is a problem with the charging kit and you need to buy a new one. Of course, we recommend that you buy original accessories specially designed for mobile phones.

Clean the Charging Port

Since the phone is kept in a wallet or pocket, dust or dirt can easily damage it. It completely depends on your phone usage. But the dust usually damages the charging port which is also the reason for Slow mobile charging. Place a light source near the USB connector and check for foreign objects. If so, try blowing, use a light bulb, or carefully remove it with a needle. You can also use a clean, dry toothbrush.

Your Power Source may be Weak

The location where the phone is connected is important in the charging operation. If you charge your mobile with a computer or any other related source. Your charging speed will never be as fast as with a wall socket.

Weak or Damaged Battery

Today, smartphones have an all-in-one design, which does not allow us to visually understand the physical state of the battery. We can judge whether the phone is bloated. When the battery swells, we are no longer just talking about the inability of your Android device to charge quickly, but you can expose yourself to high risks, so you should bring your phone to repair or replace the battery.

If your battery is swollen and you didn’t notice it, you can charge it to 100% at any time and see how long it takes to decrease. If the battery is half depleted in a short period of time, the battery needs to be replaced.

Calibrate your mobile battery

Follow the steps to calibrate the battery from Slow mobile charging:

  1. Completely charge your mobile, then wait a few more minutes.
  2. Now disconnect it from charging and use it again until the battery comes to 0 and your smartphone turns off.
  3. Keep your phone discharged for 5-6 hours (you can take one night) to remove any remaining power.
  4. After waiting for mentioned time, again fully charge the mobile battery and check if it has reached the maximum level.

Restore Your Smartphone

If a configuration error or an application makes your mobile difficult to load normally. It is recommended that you restore it to its original state by restoring factory settings rather than backing up all data. Once you are sure, visit the System –>> Backup and Restore option –>> select Erase everything. Wait for the mobile device to reboot (set it as a new device now) and then check if it is charging normally Otherwise, you must send your phone in for repair.

What we recommend:

To avoid Slow mobile charging, always use the original charging kit to charge the device. Even if you have a lot of chargers, all of them are not equipped with the same charging technology. It can eventually damage the phone and its main components in the long run. If you lose the charger, worry about using the original as if you were using a cable.

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