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Why is everyone talking about ‘Titanic 2’? The return of Jack Dawson that sweeps TikTok

 Why is everyone talking about 'Titanic 2'?  The return of Jack Dawson that sweeps TikTok

Social media never ceases to amaze us. In full celebration of 25th anniversary of titanic, with its return to theaters these months and various tributes, TikTok has been filled with montages of the James Cameron film. Some even creating confusion about the possibility of a second installment on the most famous collapse of cinematography.

David Tolentino, TikTok user with more than 119 thousand followers, shared these days a series of advances of the possible continuation of titanic. The first ‘trailer’ with a lot of joke brought us the return of Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, after being rescued in… a giant ice cube!

Many compared this video with the cryogenization of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and many others, quite clueless, even asked when that film was released. A delusional idea that has really been around for a long time, since we already saw a more extensive and different version these years on YouTube.

@davidtolent TITANIC 2 EL REGRESSO DE JACK #titanic2025 #jackyrose🚢 #forever ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith & sped up + slowed

This video with more than three million views and hundreds of thousands of likes encouraged the creator to continue sharing other trailers for Jack’s return in Titanic 2making use of fragments of the film Revolutionary Roadwhere DiCaprio met Kate Winslet again.

“If that’s true, where would the old woman who told the story and who was supposedly Rose be?”, asked another disoriented user. The hilarious answers did not wait alluding to “the multiverse”, “he had Alzheimer’s and then he remembered this part” or “they used the dragon balls”.

The channel also has other clips dedicated to the return of Jackas well as rose’s diary (Winslet) or Jack and Rose Forever, that continue to conquer the Internet users of this social network.

@davidtolent TITANIC 2 THE RETURN OF JACK #filmeparati🎬 #jackyrose🚢 #fypシ #el_regreso_de_jack #viralditiktok ♬ original sound – DAVID TOLENTINO

In the past, other creators have already tried to surprise with other unofficial sequels to Cameron’s film. Fortunately, many have forgotten Titanic 2, the terrifying version of Shane Van Dyke (screenwriter of Do not worry dear) which was a blow to his career as a filmmaker and turned out to be a real fiasco for the public and critics.

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