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Why Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Still Exists

Google I'm Feeling Lucky
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“I’m feeling lucky”  is one of Google’s options that remains despite having lost some relevance in recent years.

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This button located on the back right of the search engine is rarely used and has even made him lose money from the technology giant. Despite that, it has been maintained for 25 years.

Since the beginning of the search engine, it has been there, offering to show the best of the moment, even revealing curious data, making it extremely striking. However, over the years, thousands of options have emerged for interaction, so “I’m going to be lucky” has been forgotten.


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To give you an idea, in 2007, even when there were not as many options on the Internet as today, less than 1% of Google searches went through it , revealed Marisa Mayer , then vice president and head of the company’s searches.

Google I'm Feeling Lucky
(Photo: Pixabay

Added to this, Tom Chavez, co-founder of Rapt, a software provider, pointed out at that time that Google was losing about US$110 million per year because of the “I’m feeling lucky” button, basically because the button does not direct anyone . site and skip advertising.

“This is because the company makes a lot of money selling ads on its search results page. People who are ‘feeling lucky’ never see that page, and therefore the Google ads, because the ‘Feeling lucky’ button automatically directs them to a non-Google site,” he noted.

The foregoing makes us question that if 15 years ago it was already losing a large amount of money to Google, then why didn’t they remove it?

According to Mayer, it is because removing it could be a “very corporate” way to only watch over its profits, however, it was decided that it should stay for a more humane matter.

“They [managers] were of the opinion that it is possible to become too dry, too corporate, too interested [just thinking] about making money. And you know what I think is really lovely about Google and about ‘I’m Feeling Lucky,’ is that they remind you that people here have personalities and that they have interests and that there are real people .”


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The same policy may have followed in later years and to this day, as it remains available to all users. On the other hand, if what made them lose money was that people skipped the ads when using it; if no one uses it anymore then maybe there would be no loss.

In any case, Google wants to show, and without making a big deal of it, that despite being a technology company they care about people.

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