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Why do they say that the led lights of the computer spend a lot of energy

How much energy do computer LED lights consume?
How much energy do computer LED lights consume?

Thanks to the aesthetics of gamers and everything that has to do with their communities, led lights in computer accessories, especially the desktop ones, they have become a technological fad to which many have succumbed. Even now, you can not only see these decorations on keyboards, mice and other types of peripherals, but also on screens and All in one for gaming.

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Given this trend, a very frequent search on Google is if you are LED lights for the computer use too much energy.

With the above, TechMarkup has set itself the task of researching data on the internet that roughly details the actual consumption of these RGB devices, it should be clarified that not all these elements spend the same amount of energy, as it can vary due to the technical specifications of the different keyboards, mouse and other elements of this type that are offered in the market.

Although what is intended to be shown is only an approximation of the amount of energy that these devices consume, their margin of error is not going to be that wide because the RGB diodes actually need very little current or energy to work.

The first data that has been found on the web addresses a comparison between a computer keyboard with RGB lights and a conventional one, showing that the difference between the two is 1.07 wattsto this is added that the number of LED diodes that a computer usually has amounts to more than 100, implying that the expense for each one of them is 0.01 watts.

At this point it is pertinent to explain that a led diode is the “bulb” that emits light, however, it is an electroluminescence technique, so the small element in question, in addition to projecting light, also acts as a transmitter of energy in a single direction, thus causing the operation of the entire device that incorporates this type of accessories, well be it a keyboard, mouse or other type of computer peripheral.

Returning to the calculation of consumption of this type of accessories for computers, it is worth making an account of the general expense of a conventional gaming computer. for which this would be what each of its parts consume.

– Keyboard: 1.07 watts.

– Mouse: 0.3 watts.

– Fans: Considering that the computer has a total of 5 devices of this type and each of them incorporates 11 diodes or LED bulbs, its consumption will correspond to 0.55 watts.

-RAM memory stick: This is a type of removable memory for computers and in this case it will be assumed that you have two inserted, each with 10 diodes, for a total of 0.2 watts.

– Two strips of LED lights for external decoration of the computer: 0.6 diodes.

With the above data it is calculated that the difference in consumption between a standard computer or no lights and another for gaming with this type of LED decorations, it is 2.72 watts, and if some additional accessories are considered, it can reach 2.75 watts of additional energy consumption.

So, how much more money do you have to pay on the electricity bill to use led lights on the computer.

In reality, the extra consumption that this type of device implies is not much, because if it is considered that the gaming computer will remain on and in use for 8 hours a day, the daily spent will be 0.022 kWhtranslated into just a few cents of a dollar or euro per month by leaving it in an international currency and that everyone understands. To be clear, the additional cost would be 600 pesos in Colombia, 17 Argentine pesos or 3 pesos in Mexico.


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