Why Adela Micha did not attend Silvia Pinal’s tribute to Fine Arts

Silvia Pinal was honored in Fine Arts and La Saga de Adela Micha could not attend.

During the last week of August, a great event was held at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in honor of the first Mexican actress, Silvia Pinalto the fact his family, friends and people from the show business were given appointments who paid him a well-deserved tribute to his career of more than 50 years in the Mexican show.

As expected, the Great lady She was honored in the same way by the national media that have accompanied her throughout her life outside and inside the shows, however, not everyone was able to access the exclusive venue located in CDMX.

One of the great absentees was the cameras of the program the saga of the well-known Mexican journalist, Adela Micha, in this context, the presenter was also questioned in her program Adela told you about whether she had been invited to the event in Fine Arts

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“Someone was telling me around here that if I wasn’t invited, no; in fact, we ask for accreditation from the saga so we could go cover it up and they told us no”, said the former presenter of Televisa.

Faced with the denial that she or her team were not allowed to attend the event, Adela expressed that she was pleased to see Silvia Pina enjoying her well-deserved tribute with her family and friends from the entertainment world.

“But it gives me great pleasure, I saw her well, in a wheelchair, but she moved her little feet (she was super complete, she did everything) before that was how actresses were,” emphasized the well-known 59-year-old communicator.

It should be remembered that during the stage in which Silvia Pinal was away from the stage because she suffered the ravages of COVID-19, the well-known television presenter made some unwise comments about the health of the last Diva of the Golden Cinema in Mexicoa fact for which, perhaps, the important entertainment dynasty in Mexico decided not to grant accreditation to the tribute of the Great lady.

It was at the end of December 2021 in the program Adele told mewhere the Mexican journalist, Adela Micha, expressed that the actress Silvia Pinal “is going to die”, after the 90-year-old interpreter was hospitalized due to hypotension and subsequent contagion of COVID-19.

the driver of Adele told me received the news of Silvia Pinal’s hospitalization during a cut. Without realizing that she was transmitting, Adela stated that the actress would soon die and gave orders to her work team to advance some content about the “Diva de México”.

This was his complete tweet (Photo: Twitter/@Adela_Micha)
This was his complete tweet (Photo: Twitter/@Adela_Micha)

“Do we have something prepared from Silvia Pinal? It doesn’t take long to die, so why don’t you write me something and I’ll record it for you? I have many interviews with her so that they can put something together. I think she is going to die”, he expressed in a conversation with one of the elements of his team.

Months later and after a series of public apologies, the driver was rebuked by TV and novels Y there he regretted his off-air statements regarding Silvia Pinal’s health.

All the newsrooms in the country were in the same, and not only those of this country, because we are talking about the last diva of Mexico, but I was very surprised by how big it became. Nevertheless, I am a woman who knows how to recognize and then shit her *the shit *… was that it was heard, but I was doing my job”, he confessed.

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