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Why accessing the Windows clipboard could cause security problems

Why accessing the Windows clipboard could cause security problems
Copied texts can be stored and reviewed as a history with Windows 11’s clipboard tool. (Photo: iGeek Club)

Some of the most recurring commands when writing documents or texts in general in programs like Microsoft Word or platforms such as Notes from windows are those that correspond to copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) fragments of texts that you want to modify.

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However, even when this way of operating on devices with the OS of Windows is quite well known, there is a different command that allows visualize all the texts that were copied instead of only allowing access to the last one that was selected. Just like you can do in the cell phoneshe clipboard It is also a space that can be visited in computers desktop or laptops.

To enter this section of the system windows, all users need to do is use the command “Windows + V”. Once both are pressed keysan additional pop-up window called Clipboard will open automatically and in which you can store all the text snippets and even screenshots that have been generated by users.

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Clipboard in Windows 11. (Screenshot)
Clipboard in Windows 11. (Screenshot)

While this function can be found anywhere device Using the Windows system, it is not active by default for all users, but must be enabled by clicking the Activate button in the center of the pop-up window.

This decision is due to the fact that this tool has the capacity to store any text copy automatically, users may copy data sensitive as email accounts, passwordscredit or debit card numbers, bank account number, among others sensitive data. Since each fragment that is copied is stored in this popup window without a maximum period of storageit is possible that other users find sensitive information after a long time of use of the tool.

It is because of this characteristic of clipboard which is considered a potential risk to the users and that, therefore, it should not be activated unless there is some additional form of protection for the relevant data such as passwords for access to platforms additional.

Clipboard in Windows 11. (Screenshot)
Clipboard in Windows 11. (Screenshot)

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In the event that users wish to revise the texts that have been stored in this window, they will only need to open the clipboard using the same command and then clicking on the top right of each of the boxes text, where a menu button is located from which each of the items can be eliminated. fragments copied.

Due to the use of tools clipboardsome pages or web services in which you must start a session with access keys prevent copy and paste options text in the password fields. Despite this, it is preferable to make sure to keep this information not copying text on these special fields or not by activating the clipboard function.

Other clipboard functions

Besides showing a record of copied text, the clipboard also has other complementary uses such as the creation of emoji using only special characters, in addition to allowing the insertion of special emojis in a text from the system.

Windows 11 clipboard emoji feature. (Screenshot)
Windows 11 clipboard emoji feature. (Screenshot)

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To enter each of these functionspeople will only have to enter some of the tabs that are located at the top of the clipboard. There are also sections to search gifs and enter special characters. When it is desired to exit this popup, users will simply need to click anywhere on the screen off the clipboard so that it disappears, although it will still be active and collecting more copied text.

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