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Who Was Adam Warlock Going To Be Before Will Poulter In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’ (And Why James Gunn Dumped Him)

Who Was Adam Warlock Going To Be Before Will Poulter In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3' (And Why James Gunn Dumped Him)

He volume 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy it concluded with a post-credits scene that was very special for the most seasoned Marvel fans. In her ayesha (elizabeth debicki), after being humiliated by the gang of star lord, he was elucidating a strategy for revenge. This consisted of giving life to a Frankenstenian creation, understood as the “perfect man” and harboring the apt nickname of “He”. Then no interpreter had been shown as Adam Warlockso the ground was paved for speculation and fancast.

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Adam Warlock is a long-running character in the comics of Marvel. This being of incalculable power has fought against Thanos and measured forces with characters like Thorthe avengersthe Fantastic four wave Captain Marvel. During the pre-production of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 was finally chosen Will Poulter to interpret it: British actor who had been accumulating recognition with proposals like Detroit, The Maze Runner, We’re the Millers either Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

The signing ran into some ambivalence than another. In the opinion of some fans, Poulter did not have the appropriate physique for the role: something that he immediately tried to correct with a tough exercise routine. But, above all, the discontent of the fans had to do with the other candidate who had been considered for the end. At least on social networks.

Tom Cruise as the perfect man

Indeed, the dream candidate to play Adam Warlock was always Tom Cruise. That was what fans wanted, as they argued for months on places like Twitter, and when Poulter was cast instead there was some disappointment. The question is, did Cruise become a real possibility for Guardians of the Galaxy 3? We had to wait for an interview with James Gunn in Empire to leave doubts.

Before, the director had already said on Twitter that he did not see much point in signing the actor from Mission Impossible for such a role. “Wouldn’t it be strange if Ayesha created the perfect man like someone who is 50 years old?” he wondered. In this line of thought he manifested himself with the British media: Cruise is too old for Warlock, and it is something that contrasts with the version of the character that he manages guardians 3.

Will Poulter isAdam Warlock

“What we see is the child form of Adam Warlock, someone who doesn’t understand life well. It’s basically a baby”, explained the director, who after guardians 3 definitely migrate to that DC Studios of which he is the current president. “People were saying on the internet: ‘oh, Tom Cruise should be Adam Warlock’. But I wanted someone who was young, someone who had comedic and dramatic chops not only for this movie, but for whatever Marvel wants to use it for. in the future”.

Taking into account the precedent of the cartoons, there are a thousand possible ways that Adam Warlock continues to be present in the Marvel Universe beyond the third installment of guardians. Poulter is willing to continue being Him, while Cruise will stay out of Marvel for now. The curious thing is that this is not the only case in which the fandom has speculated with the entrance of the star in the marvel universe.

In fact, it was in full phase 4 when it seemed more likely than ever that Cruise would appear in an installment of the mcu. Before the premiere of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnessrumor spread that Cruise would make a cameo as a variant of Tony Stark: that is, an alternate version of Hombre de Hierro with which the Supreme Sorcerer of Benedict Cumberbatch he would run into his wandering through the multiverse.

michael waldronscreenwriter of the film he directed sam raimi, denied it shortly before the premiere. “That was totally made upNo deleted scenes with Tom Cruise! He added that he certainly wouldn’t have minded having Cruise, but that was something that never got beyond casual conversation and the interpreter would have been too busy with it anyway. Top Gun: Maverick and the aftermath of Mission Impossible.

Where did this desire to see him as Iron Man come from? Well, it turns out that Cruise was the star candidate to be Tony Stark in the mid-’90s. 2000before Robert Downey Jr. was done with the paper in the Hombre de Hierro of Jon Favreau. This is what would explain why Cruise has sporadically been later linked to the MCU, both in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness like in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3.

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