Tin & Tina It has been one of the cinematographic surprises of the month of May. After tiptoeing through the billboards in March, the first feature film by rubin stein has finally found its audience in Netflixwhere it has climbed to the second position of the most viewed in Spain during the past month.

The movie starring Jaime Lorente (The Money Heist) and Milena Smith (parallel mothers) has terrified its viewers, but it has also made some raise their eyebrows when they recognized, in its cast, a face they had not seen for years. The face of a woman named Teresa Rabal.

Paco Rabal plays tute in the final scene of ‘Viridiana’

Paco’s daughter

A man distractedly fixes a leash. He has fallen night. Behind him, a barefoot girl with red eyes appears. The man turns and looks at her: “Why are you crying?” The girl replies that a gigantic black bull has entered her room. “I doubt he was able to get through the door,” says the man, and the girl agrees: “No, he went in through the closet.” The movie this scene is part of is viridiana (1961) and the girl, Teresa Rabal.

For a debut to occur at such an early age and in one of the masterpieces of Luis Bunuel it is only possible if your father is Paco Rabal, fetish actor with Fernando Rey from the director of Calanda. In this way, Teresa Rabal began her career when she had just begun her life, protected by the tutelage of one of the greatest interpreters of European cinema.

After training on the stage in the theater company of Carlos Larrañaga and María Luisa Merlo, Teresa Rabal returns to the cinema and acts for Mario Camus in The mayor of Zalamea (1972) or Jaime de Armiñán in A chaste Spanish man (1973).

However, the paternal and maternal gifts (her mother was the veteran actress Asunción Balaguer) for acting had not been fully poured out on Teresa, who in 1980 he would shoot one of his last filmswhich bore the ironic name of waiting for dad; surely, what the casting directors expected of Teresa: that she become her father.

Theresa’s circus

Teresa Rabal had to restart her career, and it was this second beginning that would make her one of the most popular figures of the 80s and 90s for children. On the advice of her husband, the composer Luis Eduardo Rodrigo EspinosaPaco’s daughter recorded the album Theresa’s tales Rabal and from goose to goose in 1981.

Before the end of the eighties, Rabal had added eleven more titles to his discography, full of children’s songs among which stood out I see I see either I stand up. Rabal sells more than a million and a half copies of his records.

At the same time, start walking Teresa Rabal’s circuswhich toured all over Spain after the premiere of crazy about the circus (1982). So that the children who were part of the circus did not fall behind in school, Teresa Rabal arranged for teachers to travel with her tour to ensure that the young actors were up to date with their subjects.

Teresa Rabal has returned to the cinema with Tin & Tina after forty years without acting in a film
Teresa Rabal has returned to the cinema with Tin & Tina

In the 1990s, private television stations strengthened their popularity by being hired in antenna 3 To present The nursery and by Telecincoto do the same in the house of the joke.

On the crest of the wave, Teresa Rabal creates a Foundation that bears his name to help children and I spy awardswhich were being granted until 2010. Meanwhile, Teresa Rabal remained out of the spotlight for years, although without ever retiring: in 2018, she can be seen in the comedian’s series berto romero look what you have done (2018) and in Better days (2022). He only had to make a movie again, and the one chosen for his return has been Tin & Tina.

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