Who is Pablo Albuerne, the new critic of “MasterChef Celebrity Mexico”

They are the chefs who will criticize the dishes of the famous. (Instagram capture: @masterchefmx)

After months of waiting this sunday august 21 will premiere the second season of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico and among the surprises that are prepared stands out the arrival of a new critic who will join Betty Vázquez and José Ramón Castillo to choose the big winner of this season. It should be remembered that in recent years the program has suffered some casualties such as the sudden departure of chefs Benito Molina and Adrián Herrera or Annette Michel and Rebecca de Alba in driving.

This time it will be Paul Albuerne who will work hand in hand with Mexican specialists to challenge the famous contestants and share part of their gastronomic knowledge. It is about a chef who left his native Spain to participate in this edition of the reality show. Thanks to his social networks and official page, it is known that in addition to his passion for cooking, he is a content creator and owner of two restaurants in his native country: the fox Y The Saint.


He has more than 100,000 subscribers on his channel. Youtube where he usually uploads his best recipes without neglecting some cooking tips. He also has a book on gastronomy that is now in its fourth edition and is currently available through his official website on the Internet. But that’s not all, on your account Instagram usually share more dishes.

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Pablo Albuerne gave an interview for the program prior to the premiere, where he confessed that among his main fears in the most famous kitchen in Mexico is trying or consuming food in poor condition that could cause a health problem.

I hope they don’t kill me, that they cook as tasty as possible and, above all, not have health problems.


Regarding his character as a critic, he revealed that he is a very strict person and, based on respect, he will seek to help the participants with constructive opinions of their dishes so that they can improve and remain in the competition: “With celebrities I will be as strict as necessaryio, as long as there is effort and there are results, everything will be fine and when they get too smart, we will have to cut”.

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The Spaniard commented that one of the main problems that celebrities could face is listening and being attentive in the kitchen, since he considers that they are two basic skills when it comes to cooking, especially when working as a team. And it is that in other seasons of reality the participants have had to face challenges in large groups and on many occasions they ended up in trouble due to lack of communication.

“They have to listen well, they have to take good notes of what they are told so that later it doesn’t fail, because then it enters here, it comes out there and that’s when failures come in,” he said.

What celebrities will participate this season?

Tatiana will lead the second season. (Photo: TV Azteca)
Tatiana will lead the second season. (Photo: TV Azteca)

nadia -former academic-, Wing Ibarra -former member of magnet-, Marcelo Lara -member of Moderatto-, Alexandra Avalos Y Daisy flower The Goddess of Cumbia will be the singers and musicians who will participate in this 2022 edition.

The actors who entered the project are Francisco Gattorno, Lorena Herrera, Ernesto D’ALessio, Julio Camejo, Veronica del Castillo, Pedro Moreno, Alejandra Toussaint Y Karla Sofia Gascon. It should be remembered that the interpreter of Love bubbles He already has experience in cooking realities, since a few months ago he was part of Bake Off Celebrity.

Two drivers will also enter: Talina Fernandez -renowned journalist and television presenter with around 50 years of experience- and Mauricio Manera, who after his brief stint on Televisa returned to Aztec TV.

Charles Edward Rico Y Ricardo Peralta -content creator for Pepe and Teo– will be two comedians inside the kitchen. macky gonzalez will represent Mexican athletes after their participation in exathlon, Carmen Campuzano he will do it with the models and Arturo Lopez Gavito You will be surprised on the other side of the criticism.

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