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Who is Melissa Yamel, the woman who accused Mau Nieto of alleged sexual abuse

Who is Melissa Yamel, the woman who accused Mau Nieto of alleged sexual abuse
The producer pointed to the standupero as her alleged abuser. (Instagram photo: @maunieto, @melissapurrs)

In the last few hours, a public complaint against Mauricio Nieto for alleged sexual abuse. It was Melissa Yamel, who after approximately four years of the events resorted to her account of Twitter to share your testimony, where was contacted by the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office to invite her to formalize her accusations against the Mexican standup and thus be able to open a research folder about it.

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Who is Melissa Yamel?

According to information available in your account TwitterDuring the last few years, he has served as producer of stand-up, a profession that has allowed him to coincide with some young Mexican comedians, including Mau Nieto. He has around 3 thousand followers in said social network, while in Instagram is about to reach 4 thousand.

The producer would also be a restaurant businesswoman.  (Instagram photo: @melissapurrs)
The producer would also be a restaurant businesswoman. (Instagram photo: @melissapurrs)

It is also part of Insolent Girlsa group of female comedians who are looking for a space on Mexican stages to present their routines.

“Comedy is not what they told you it was… and this is a safe place where many very talented girls are going to show it to you,” reads their official account.

In Instagram She usually shares content from her daily work, from photographs of her presentations to the occasional message in solidarity with the feminist movement.

Who is Mau Nieto?

Photo: Instagram/@maunieto
Photo: Instagram/@maunieto

Mauricio Nieto is a Mexican standup artist who in recent years has gained a presence on social networks after his participation in ComedyCentral Y Netflix. also unleashed with the jaran interview program presented on Youtube which he carried out in the company of Román Torres, a member of Matisse.

But that’s not all, a few weeks ago his participation in the special video on the occasion of more dead than alivetheme that launched Untouchable in collaboration with said pop group. In that same audiovisual fragment, other comedians appeared, such as Capi Pérez together with his wife, Daniel Sosa, Faisy, Slobotzky -also with his partner-, and Ricardo Pérez.

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“I feel like we should do the official video. I put it on the table”, wrote Mau Nieto in the comments section.

Also, was driver of The Academy 20 years along with Yahir, Vanessa Claudio and William Valdés.

Why was Mau Nieto accused of alleged sexual abuse?

Photo: Instagram/@maunieto
Photo: Instagram/@maunieto

According to Melissa’s testimony, it all happened in 2018, when she worked as an assistant in a forum located on Nuevo León avenue in the Hipódromo Condesa neighborhood, CDMX. On any given day, she met the comedian, who, after talking a little about her, would have drunk her and abused her in the establishment’s bathrooms.

“The WOKO is a place that I frequented since I LOVE the stand-up. It was any other Friday Mauricio Nieto and other comedians were there. When I saw him I was very moved because he had just premiered his first special in Netflix“, started.

I approached him to tell him that I really liked his routine, to which he immediately replied: ‘What are you drinking?’ Thereafter bought a mezcal and another and another and another. After so many, I remember asking him: ‘Mauricio Nieto, why is he buying me so many drinks?’ So I can fuck with you, he replied.

After drinking several drinks, she felt dizzy and somehow or another they reached the bathroom where they would have had non-consensual sexual relations. After what happened, she left the bathroom and went to the bar only to realize that the comedian and his friends were no longer there, who, it is worth mentioning, also appear in the world of stand-up.

“I don’t know how long we were in the bathroom, but what I am sure of is that there came a time when they tried to open the door, they beat her and many screams were heard. Those who were outside knew that Mauricio and I were inside, because they began to shout that ‘we should hurry up’. While this was going on I remember looking at him, he completely ignored what was going on outside,” she continued.

Until now, Mauricio Nieto has not made any statements in this regard.

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