Home Entertainment Who is Mau Nieto and why is he accused of sexual abuse

Who is Mau Nieto and why is he accused of sexual abuse

Who is Mau Nieto and why is he accused of sexual abuse
Comedian Mau Nieto was accused on social media by Melissa Yamel of sexual abuse (Photo: Getty images)

Mauricio Grandson is a man originally from CDMX and is one of the most popular standuperos of the Mexican territory.

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“Mau Nieto” trajectory

He was born in the neighborhood of Iztapalapa on November 15, 1985its career as a comedian began in 2012 and from there he appeared in different clubs in Mexico City, at 27 years of age.

He participated in stand up group specials, for example: Stand Up Without Borders of the year 2013 and Comedy Central Presents: Stand Up in 2015. In addition to performing comedy on TV, he has been a host for programs such as the anthill (2014) and for the Tv Azteca franchise.

After several years of effort and dedication to be able to position himself in the world of comedy, was recognized nationally and in 2018 he premiered his first special on Netflix with a show titled Living Sober… from the barin which he discussed his upbringing, his failed relationships, and his attempts to stay sober.

He has managed to position himself as one of the most famous standups in the entire Mexican Republic Photo: Instagram/@maunieto
He has managed to position himself as one of the most famous standups in the entire Mexican Republic Photo: Instagram/@maunieto

Due to the great success of his show, the comedian of Mexican nationality, continued to appear in several states of the Mexican Republic and in 2021 he managed to participate in LOL: Last One Laughingwhich is a reality show Amazon Prime Video in which 10 comedians locked in a house compete to see who can last the longest without being laughed at.

In addition to his artistic career, has currently succeeded in love Well, just in 2021 he got engaged to his girlfriend Carla Hernandez.

What was the controversy about sexual abuse surrounding the comedian

Recently stand-up producer Melissa Yamel shared via Twitter what would have been victim of sexual abuse by from your partner ma grandson.

Through a thread on the social network, he recounted how the events happened in the Woko Comedy Club forum, since recently the venue was closed and I take this opportunity to share your experience.

Melissa mentioned that in 2018 she went to see Mau at Woko, since at that time I was a big fan of standup. After getting to know him, the comedian invited him for a couple of mezcalwith the sole purpose of being able to alcoholize it, according to Yamel’s testimony.

next act, Mau Nieto would abuse her in the bathroom of the establishmenthighlighted that later another man would approach her to be able to help her and seeing the state she was in, he chose to take her to his apartment.

Friends close to the comedian came to his defense and blamed the young woman for the encounter that took place in the bar, noting that the accusations could ruin Mau’s career.

He also pointed out that Melissa’s career was affected because the rumor about what happened with the other man had spread quickly, causing the people she worked with to start judging her for being the woman who had sex with Nieto in a public bathroom.

Yamel ended the thread explaining why did not report the abuse at the timespecified that one of his main reasons was for maintaining his mental health and as an act of love towards him.

She was joined by another girl named Ximena Morenothrough the same social network recounted how the standup drugged her to be able to abuse her in 2017.

He mentioned that they would have been living with board games and other peoplethe method used to to drug her was through an alcoholic beveragethe girl in her testimony stressed that I had never consumed any type of chemical substancetherefore he felt extremely bad and was frightened by the effects it had on his body.

He supported Melissa’s statement and said that being close to Mau Nieto was not safe as a woman, hoping that other girls who have gone through the same thing will arm themselves with courage to be able to report itbecause they are not alone.

Until now the comedian Mauricio Nieto has not given any statement on the complaint and neither did any of those involved.

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