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Who is Ghostface in Scream 6? Understand the end of the film

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Last Thursday (9), the horror film hit Brazilian theaters Scream 6from the consolidated film saga of the 90s. Currently, the franchise is going through its moment of greatest repercussion in its history: the new feature debuted with the best box office in the history of the saga in the United States, raising more than US$ 44.5 million in its opening weekend.

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In the story, the surviving characters from Scream 5 they leave the city where they lived and move to New York. However, a new Ghostface appears in their lives: now, young people need to survive the serial killer while trying to discover his identity in a large metropolis.

Meet who is behind the killer’s mask and understand the film’s shocking ending. But, attention! The following contains spoilers from Scream 5 it’s from Scream 6.

Who is the new Ghostface?

The film responsible for reviving the franchise Panic in 2022, Richie Kirsch, played by Jack Quaid (The Boys). After being unmasked, he ends up being killed at the end of the feature film. With that, a new threat appears in Scream VI.

In the most recent film of the saga, it is revealed that the new masked person is not just one person: there are 3 different characters who assume the mantle of Ghostface. Detective Bailey, Ethan and Quinn are, respectively, Richie’s father, brother and sister. The trio is hunting the protagonists out of their thirst for revenge after the death of the previous film’s villain.

(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)Source: Paramount

Although Quinn was killed earlier in the film, her murder did not actually occur. The “death” was just a plan created to mislead her victims about her true identity.

How were they unmasked?

The assassins had set up some kind of shrine in a theater in the city. It is there that the protagonists decide to confront Ghostface once and for all. As Chad and Tara talk alone, he is blindsided and stabbed by two assassins.

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Tara manages to escape and find Sam, but the two are trapped between two masked men. At this time, it is revealed that one of them is Detective Bailey, Quinn’s father. It is with this revelation that the characters discover that the detective is also the father of Ethan and Richie.

(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)Source: Paramount

Soon after, Quinn is shown to be alive and to be another killer, along with Ethan. Then, Bailey tries to make Sam wear the Ghostface mask, for being the daughter of the murderer in the first film of the saga, so that she takes responsibility for the murders that occurred.

Sam refuses and fights off the assassins alongside Tara and Kirby. Ethan is killed after being stabbed in the mouth by Tara, while Sam shoots Quinn in the head.

Bailey ends up getting a phone call, as do all of Ghostface’s victims, and finds herself face to face with Sam, who is dressed in her father’s assassin’s robe. Thus, Sam stabs the detective and ends his life.

It is possible to see that Sam took some pleasure in murdering Quinn and Detective Bailey. So, this villainous side of you can be explored in a possible future of the franchise.

Panic 6 is showing in Brazilian cinemas.

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