Who is Alberto Aguilera Jr, the son of Juan Gabriel who was arrested in the US

The arrest occurred on August 16 (Photo: Screenshot / Photo: Getty Images)

On Tuesday, August 16, the arrest of Alberto Aguilera Jr.the son of John Gabriel. This arrest took place in Texas, United Statessupposedly the authorities of this country had been looking for him for two weeks, although he had a criminal record for years.

in conversation with come the joy, Silvia Urquidithe former manager of the singer of Eternal love assured that his lawyers had confirmed the arrest of Alberto Aguilera:

“For me it is very unfortunate because I don’t like it. I’m sorry, but he is in custody. I had been looking for him for 15 days because he has a lawsuit against me. My lawyers, the Public Ministry of Ciudad Juárez and the judge They told us to look for him because he had not appeared at the hearings (…) but he is detained, my lawyers confirmed it to me,” he said.

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And it is that due to the lack of details about the moment of the apprehension, some versions assured that it would not have actually happened and he had fled.

Shortly after this, Alberto went to one of the most luxurious houses in the Divo from Juarez, broke the locks of the entrance, which had been placed by one of his brothers, and entered the property. Hours later Silvia Urquidi arrived with the necessary documents to verify that she was the legal person in charge of the property, preventing Juan Gabriel’s son from keeping it.

Since then it was already known that Alberto was wanted by the justice of El Paso, Texas, this because he harassed an official in 2012 and had been put on the list of most wanted criminals region of. once captured was sentenced to five years probationa $500 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Due to his alcoholism, the singer-songwriter’s son has repeatedly faced apprehensionsone of them, which was very mediatic, was in 2018, when the police arrested him in the Central Zone of Juarez City driving on a sunday night drunk state. At that time he was taken to a Civic Recovery Center.

Alberto Aguilera was among the most wanted in the state of Texas (Photo: Special)
Alberto Aguilera was among the most wanted in the state of Texas (Photo: Special)

On the other hand, in the program windowingdocuments were presented where it was stated that the detainee in the United States had no real family ties with the Divo from Juarezbut his last name was by coincidence, in addition to the fact that Alberto Aguilera Jr and Juan Gabriel lived together in the past.

With the death of Alberto Aguilera Valadez, better known as Juan Gabriel, various people have alleged that part of the interpreter’s inheritance belongs to them because, supposedly, they would be illegitimate children of the singer. According to Ventaneando, one of them would be the one now detained in Texas, since he would have sought to obtain certain benefits as the famous family.

The reality is that Alberto Aguilera Jr is an adopted son of the interpreter of Until I met you, the singer adopted him when he was 12, from the Semjase Orphanage, created and supported by the singer since 1987.

In his youth, Divo de Juárez's son developed an addiction to alcohol (Photo: Instagram/@losgabriels)
In his youth, Divo de Juárez’s son developed an addiction to alcohol (Photo: Instagram/@losgabriels)

Despite the fact that in the first years of coexistence the relationship between the two was close and endearing, Alberto Jr’s youth would not have pleased Juan Gabriel.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the death of Alberto’s son and grandson of Juan Gabriel, Hectorwith whom the singer had a close relationship.

This situation caused Ivan Aguilerafirst biological son of the singer-songwriter, did not allow his brother to enter Juan Gabriel’s last goodbye, as well as the tribute that took place at the Palace of Fine Arts.

“I know many things that I experienced in those years that he was in the house. I supported it with great pleasure, I do not regret it because I did it in good faith. If he did not know how to value this, now I see that he did not know how to value what his father always gave him and how he protected him in life, ”the singer’s former manager and close friend said this day.

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