White Girls: actor defends film from ‘cancel culture’; understand!

Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans, known primarily for his work in The Whitesgave an interview to the Buzzfeed in which he criticizes the ‘cancel culture’ of comedy films today.


Waynes defended The Whiteshis most successful film, and stated that the production would likely be cancelled.

“Films like The Whites are necessary. I don’t know what planet we are on, where you think people don’t need to laugh, and people need to be censored and cancelled. If a joke will cancel me, thank you for doing me this favor. It’s sad that society is in this place where we can’t laugh anymore,” Wayans told Buzzfeed.

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“I’m not listening to this damn generation. I’m not listening to these scared people, scared executives. Do you guys do what you want? Great. I’ll tell my jokes the way I do,” added Wayans.

As White is one of the actor’s biggest hits.

sequence of The Whites?


Launched in 2004, The Whites was a great success, especially in Brazil. In the film, Marlon and Shawn Wayans play two FBI agents who must disguise themselves as preppy socialites to solve a crime.

When asked if the film would get a sequel, Wayans recalls that shooting was quite tiring – since, in addition to acting, he also produced and co-wrote. In addition, it took more than seven hours to finish the character’s makeup.

“Makeup movies, until they learn to do digitally, special effects wise [não obrigado]. It’s a lot of work. Everyone says, ‘Do The Whites 2I’m like, “F*** you, do it yourself The Whites 2! I’m making movies about black men,” the actor said in an interview with QA last year.

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