Which judge of “The Academy” should leave the critics panel, according to the finalists

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The Academy: 20 years will come to an end on August 13 and 14, therefore, the five finalists are preparing hard to give their last effort before knowing who will win. And it was during one of these new dynamics that Mar, Cesia, Andrés, Nelson and Rubí They faced their first press conference last Thursday.

It was during this encounter with the media that the students they answered which reviewer they would removeshould you have the opportunity.

It should be remembered that one of the factors that generates the most tension in this singing contest is the opinions that Horacio Villalobos, Ana Bárbara, Lolita Cortés and Arturo López Gavito they give to the participants during the galas.

Thus, after being questioned by the media, the countenance of the finalists changed radically and began to behave nervously.

“Please don’t do this to us” Cesia began. To which Nelson asked: “Is it mandatory to answer the question?”

Given the awkwardness of the moment, the academics began to joke and, although they evaded the question, Nelson highlighted the work that the judges did during the reality show.

(Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)
(Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)

“The four wonderful judges that we have in The academy, everyone brings an amazing role, Gavito is as serious as he always has historical data; Lolita gives many contributions on corporal expression, interpretation; Ana Bárbara is the one who rescues us from all the other critics and Horacio is the one who provides negative criticism, but a lot of jokes, so he makes you laugh at all the concerts, ”he sentenced.

Likewise, he stressed that each of the members of the critics panel was essential for the growth of the students in the program.

They are indispensable and also complement each other so well And they have such good chemistry that I feel like I wouldn’t see him as someone else in his place.”

Cesia also issued her opinion on the matter once again and agreed with Nelson by adding: “We have the best judges, the ones who are there are the ones who had to be there.”

What songs will they perform in the final

since it started The academy The five students who reached the end stood out for their performances and vocal quality, especially Cesia and Mar, who managed to gain a large community of Mexican fans even though they are not from the country. Andrés and Nelson also shone on stage and with their grace they became favorites to win the award. Rubí’s pass, although it generated controversy, was also praised by other Internet users due to the discipline and charisma that the young woman has achieved throughout the season.

For Saturday, August 13, Mar will sing strange loves by Laura Pausini; cesia, I’ll live (I Will Survive) by Celia Cruz; Ruby, To simmer of Rossana; Andrew: Yesterday of Luis Miguel and Nelson, Steal a kiss from you by Carlos Vives.

On Sunday the 14th, Mar will sing Now you of Malu; cesia, For love by Marco Antonio Muñiz; Ruby, My mistake, my fantasy of Edith Marquez; Andrew, He is going to miss me by Ricardo Montaner and Nelson, You lie From camila.

According to information shared by the production of The academy through their social networks, in the last two concerts there will be the stellar participation of Natalia Jiménezrenowned Spanish performer who rose to fame as a vocalist for The fifth station.


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