Home Entertainment Which Harry Potter characters would win the Round 6 game?

Which Harry Potter characters would win the Round 6 game?

Which Harry Potter characters would win the Round 6 game?

Round 6 it was definitely one of the biggest fevers of 2021, crossing the borders of South Korea and conquering the whole world. Its success is due to six rounds of violent games that require intelligence, strategy and a lot of luck to overcome.

The series’ characters were lowly muggles like us, but what if the franchise’s witches and wizards Harry Potter were put to participate in the bloody competition? Would they overcome all stages in a magic pass?

Quidditch here is little! Check out our theories for some characters from the iconic saga written by JK Rowling:

1. Ron Weasley

Warner Bros./Playback

Red hair with hand-me-down robes, it should be someone who would never sign up for such a violent competition.

Ron Weasley wouldn’t be so greedy as to play games in Round 6, even though he’s as tough as we are. That lesson comes from home, as her family has always taught her that money isn’t everything in life.

2. Hermione Granger

 Warner Bros./Playback

Despite being extremely intelligent and competitive, having all the talent in the world to overcome riddles and obstacles, Hermione Granger would never participate in competitions either. Round 6 because of money.

Her principles would keep her from risking her own life in exchange for a suitcase full of money. Her beach is different and full of magic to do good!

3. Bellatrix Lestrange

 Warner Bros./Playback

Here’s a character from Harry Potter who could be adept at the tournament concept. Due to her sadism and ambition, it is quite possible that Bellatrix Lestrange would agree to participate in Round 6🇧🇷

Of course, the villain’s eccentricity could compromise her performance, however, in the same way, the villain would still have chances to overcome the challenge and keep her bank account up to date.

4. Remus Lupine

 Warner Bros./Playback

The Dark Arts Teacher would definitely be one of the strongest competitors in the game🇧🇷 Remus Lupine is patient, observant and would use all of his wits to overcome challenges.

Although he has a soft heart and appears harmless, the docent could take advantage of these characteristics to surprise his opponents.

5. Albus Dumbledore

 Warner Bros./Playback

With extraordinary abilities, Dumbledore would have everything to win Round 6🇧🇷 After all, the mage is not the type to back down from a challenge, and would probably be willing to put his skills to the test to win the tournament. Not for the money, of course, but for the dispute itself.

6. Harry Potter

 Warner Bros./Playback

The protagonist of the franchise needs no introduction and is one of the most competitive characters on this list. Like Dumbledore, Harry Potter could also join Round 6 to test your skills, demonstrating a lot of bravery, determination and using all their inventiveness to overcome the games.

Would you end up risking your life for someone else? Maybe. But he would still have a chance of taking a suitcase full of cash under the stairs.

7. Severus Snape

 Warner Bros./Playback

Even though he’s not a character peaky blindersSeverus Snape would be cold and calculating enough to get the upper hand in the bloody competition.

The character has the ability to read minds and would always be at an advantage over his opponents. Snape would also spare no effort to ruin the lives of anyone who dared cross his path.

8. Voldemort

Source: Warner Bros./Playback

Like Severus Snape, 🇧🇷he who shall not be named” he would also be very cold-hearted and would not spare the lives of his rivals in exchange for a fortune in the games of Round 6🇧🇷

Holder of a vast experience in duels and battles, Valdemort would use all of his magical power to keep him ahead of the game.🇧🇷 He could even be very easy to win each scavenger hunt, as he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice the lives of others for his own.

Do you agree with the points raised in our list? Would you remove or add any more characters? We want to know your opinion there on the social networks of TechWorld🇧🇷

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