Where to watch ‘The War of the Worlds’ for free, Spielberg’s blockbuster, before it is removed in 5 days

while rolling Revolutionary Road, david harborthe competent Hawkins sheriff in stranger thingscoincided with Steven Spielberg, producer of the film. After chaining several compliments on his performance, the director of ET He finished off his congratulations with a “I hope we can work together sometime” that made Harbor bite his lip. The truth is they had already collaborated on a film years agoexplained the actor on one occasion, but Spielberg decided to cut his scene, thus We never saw this title, currently available in Spain (and free).

David Harbor was aware, at the very moment of shooting his shots, that he was running the risk of being removed from the footage by a couple of snips, as in fact happened. In his brief (and already aborted) appearance, the actor shared a beer with Tom Cruise after a hard day’s work at the docks, just before he returned home, where his children were waiting for him.

The War of the Worlds (2005)

As Harbor acknowledges, his scene could be deleted without affecting the movie: In the end result, Cruise goes from the docks to his apartment without stopping at a bar, and no one asked for an explanation about it. How to do it when the aliens were about to attack. There were more important things to worry about.

The title, of course, was War of the Worlds, which grossed more than $600 million worldwide. In it, Spielberg used the famous novel by HG Wells to approach one of his favorite feature films, desert centaursand narrate the bumpy return home of a homeless man.

Uncle Ethan’s War of the WorldsBesides, he was the Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible: a hero who, in times of peace, dissolves into a daily loneliness that he himself has fostered. As if that were not enough, and to join this fray with the aliens, Spielberg he transformed into an alien when he got behind the camera. This is the only way to explain sequence shots like this one.

Where can I watch ‘War of the Worlds’?

Spielberg’s work is available, in Spain, on SkyShowtime, but if you hurry, you can watch it for free without being a subscriber of any streaming service, since it is in RTVE Play. Of course, it will only be part of the catalog until next September 10. After this date, War of the Worlds He will head to another planet. Or another platform.

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