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Where to watch the broadcast of all the MLS American Soccer League matches on the internet

Where to watch the broadcast of all the MLS American Soccer League matches on the internet
Apple introduces the MLS Season Pass. (photo: Apple)

Manzana and the Major League Soccer announced MLS Season Passa subscription service that offers major league soccer matches in more than 100 countries.

Users can enjoy all the games of the regular season, the playoffs and the League Cup in any device Manzana. The service is the result of a ten-year collaboration between Cupertino and MLS to bring the excitement of the league to other countries.

The MLS Season Pass will be available from February 1st of 2023 for $15 a month or $99 a year. Apple TV subscribers get a discount and pay just $13 per month or $79 per season.

How the MLS Season Pass will work

The MLS Season Pass will offer live coverage of all professional league games, as well as MLS Next Pro ranked in the US third division. Subscribers have access to preview and analysis programs where they can enjoy replays of the goals and highlights of each game.

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MLS Season Pass content is available in the app Apple TV and is compatible with iphone, iPad and other Apple devices, as well as with SmartTV, video game consoles or even the Web. The broadcasts have commentary in English and Spanish, and French can be activated during the game of any of the Canadian soccer teams.

While the MLS Season Pass will offer all the games, Apple’s partnership with MLS will have options for other users. The opening game and the opener of the weekend will be streamed for free on the Apple TV app. On the other hand, Apple TV subscribers will be able to enjoy a selection of regular season games as well as the most important duels of the final phase and of the League Cup.

MLS Season Pass. (photo: Apple)

Streaming platforms bet on live sports

The agreement between Apple and Major League Soccer is one of the most important in terms of a sports league.

Although MLS has always been seen as a place where European stars (and lately Latin Americans too) earn millions in their later years, there’s no denying that their level of soccer has improved over time. The purpose of new season pass is to increase its popularity in other countries.

MLS Season Pass. (photo: Apple)

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The MLS Season Pass is important if you look at it from the point where leagues and tournaments create synergy with subscription services. The giants of the streaming they have seen an opportunity in this industry and have already signed deals with the big leagues.

While Amazon broadcast the games of the nfl Thursday nights, HBO Max has the exclusive rights to the Champions League in Mexico.

nfl. (photo: Prime Video)

Although cable companies still dominate the world of sports, their dominance may end in a few years. Associations like the Formula 1, the FIFA wave nba They have been trying their luck with season passes and free subscription services for some time. The problem is that these options are lost in the large number of content options and only a few manage to access them.

Live sports are a big draw to boost subscription rates. Yes Prime Video, Netflix either Disney+ can find a formula to reach an agreement to transmit them, soon the users could forget famous chains like ESPN either DirecTV, such as thinking that they were the only options to watch the World Cup.

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