In 2013, the director Ruben Stein premiered his short film Tin&Tina, that would later form part of the triptych Light darkness next to Nero (2017) and Flamenco dancer (2018). This project received recognition at festivals around the world and managed to get the film industry interested in the dark universe of the filmmaker, who premiered this year the adaptation of this story to feature film.

Tin & Tina It arrived at Spanish movie theaters last March, where it was lost in the immensity of the billboard. However, the film starring Jaime Lorente (The Money Heist) and Milena Smith (the snow girl) aroused enormous interest in his landing in Netflix these days.

Where to see the short film ‘Tin & Tina’

the short film Tin & Tina is available right now through Filminwhile the eponymous feature film arrived on Netflix on May 26.

With a duration of 12 minutesthe short film Tin & Tina collects the story of a father and his two sons at a dinner where religion takes on enormous relevance. An evening in which Tin and Tina refuse to eat the puree…

The idea comes from an episode of Stein’s childhood, whose grandmother was very Catholic and tried to induce that adoration towards Christian texts and figures. But that love of neighbor turned into the opposite when reading the most violent and disturbing passages in the bible. A feeling that he decided to capture in his work.

‘Tin & Tina’, the horror movie on Netflix

In the original version, the father was played by Manolo Cuervo, while the little ones were Ana Blanco de Cordova (Soul), like Tina, and Sasha DiBendetto (sad trumpet ballad), like Tin. While on this occasion, in addition to Lorente and Smit as the adoptive parents, the film counts on the role of the little ones with Anastasia Russian (Stories not to sleep) and Carlos González Morollón (Father there is only one).

The movie of Tin & Tina addresses the history of Lola (Smit), a woman who decides to adopt a child with her husband, Adolfo (Lorente), after suffering several miscarriages. In the convent he meets Tin and Tina, two angelic children, strange and obsessed with religion, for which she feels tremendously attracted. Despite the disagreement of her husband, they both decide to take them home, where they soon discover some of the most sadistic games played by children.

Set in the 80s, the film entertains with a dose of horror comedy (almost without looking for it), jump scares and music starring Chinese Super Disco, by Enrique & Ana; The Dance of the Little Birds, by María Jesús and her accordion; or the most ecclesiastical melodies. The perfect ingredients for the construction of a simple and effective piece of genre cinema.

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