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Where to see Sam Claflin: 7 productions with the star of Daisy Jones & The Six

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Sam Claflin started his career participating in theater plays. Then, in 2010, the actor had his first television performance in The Pillars of the Earth, in the role of Richard. Since then, he has been gaining more and more space in the entertainment industry.

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The artist stars as one of the protagonists of Daisy Jones & The Six, a limited series on Prime Video that premiered on Friday (3) on the streaming platform. The actor plays Billy Dune, the singer of a band that sees his career and that of his friends completely change after meeting Daisy Jones.

Discover, below, the other projects that Sam Claflin has participated in over the years and find out where you can watch them.

7 – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Source: Disney

The fourth film in the saga Pirates of the Caribbean it was also one of the first feature films in which Sam Claflin was part of the cast. The actor played Philip, a missionary who was experiencing an impossible love with a mermaid.

Although his character does not have as much prominence in the film, since his narrative is secondary, Claflin managed to emerge well with his career after participating in the feature. Her participation yielded great future opportunities for her career.

Where to watch: Disney+.

6 – The Book of Love

Source: Electric Entertainment

In that novel, the film introduces writer Henry, played by Claflin. His recently published book is not doing well and the English author is frustrated with the situation.

However, one day, the literary work begins to become famous, unexpectedly, in Mexico. Henry travels to the country to promote his book tour and, upon arriving there, discovers that the work’s translator has completely changed the story into an erotic novel. Now, the duo must travel together through Mexican lands while solving problems between themselves.

Where to watch: Telecine.

5 – Lives adrift

Source: STX Films

Based on true events, the story follows Tami Oldham, played by Shailene Woodley, after she decides to leave San Diego and travel the world. Upon arriving in Tahiti, she meets Richard Sharp, a sailor played by Sam Claflin.

Love at first sight sends the two on a journey across the ocean. All is well, until a hurricane hits their boat and Tami finds herself alone at sea, not knowing where Richard is. So she spends the next 41 days adrift, trying to find her love and solid ground.

Where to watch: HBO Max.

4 – It Just Happens

Source: Paramount

One of the most beloved romantic comedies of the 2010s, the story follows the maturing relationship of Alex and Rosie, two friends who grew up together in London.

Until one day, Alex, Claflin’s character, goes to study at a college in the United States and the duo ends up moving away. However, they do everything to keep in touch, even with each one leading their lives and their relationships in separate ways.

Where to watch: Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video.

3 – Enola Holmes

Source: Netflix

The long produced by and starring Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven from Stranger Thingsalso brings in its cast names like Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter and, of course, Sam Claflin.

The story follows the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes as she tries to find her lost mother. So she ends up having to unravel a mystery that threatens the entire nation of London. Here, Claflin plays Mycroft Holmes, Enola’s older brother.

Where to watch: Netflix.

2 – How I was before you

Source: Warner

In another romantic comedy, Sam Claflin teams up with Emilia Clarke to tell the story of Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. Louisa is hired to care for Will, a wealthy young man who ended up having an accident and becoming a quadriplegic.

Although they are very different, both start to get to know each other better and learn more about life with each other. The relationship between the two evolves between friendship, trust and love.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

1 – Hunger Games Saga

Source: Lionsgate

Among all these, however, the role that stood out the most and that really launched Claflin to stardom was that of Finnick. He first appears in the second film in the franchise, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The winner of the 65th Hunger Games returns for an edition in which the champions will have to fight each other. In it, he allies with Katniss and Peeta inside the arena. The actor continued to be part of the saga until the last film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Ending.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay and Lionsgate+.

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