“Where there was fire”; the flaming Mexican telenovela that arrives on Netflix in August

Clues to his brother’s murder lead Poncho to a firehouse, where he joins in search of answers, only to find romance, family…and danger. (Netflix)

Netflix is looking for the crown of the king of soap operas and in this regard, is already preparing the premiere of where there was firewhere we will see after almost 10 years of absence on the screen Edward Capetillo, Accompanied by Itati Cantoralas two of the main characters. According to the company streamingthis firefighter serial killer drama will also bring its share of love and mystery.

Since June 2021, Netflix announced that its new projects at the local Latin American level would have a telenovela cast. where there was fire is an original story produced by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela and directed by Moises Ortiz-Urquidi, George Michel Grau, Laura Marco Y Danny Gavidia. According to the platform, this unprecedented project will pay tribute to the women and men who put their lives at the service of others, in this case firefighters.

Eduardo Capetillo is Ricardo in “Where There Was Fire.” (Netflix)

This production tells the story of Poncho, who infiltrates a fire station related to the death of his brother, in search of more information. There he finds love, family…and a serial killer. As announced ValenzuelaIn addition to drama, love and mystery, this serial feature film also promises adventure and action.

where there was fire is scheduled to premiere on August 17, 2022 and his trailer begins by revealing when they find the lifeless body of a young man, and then a crying man who is told that his brother was murdered. He, after discovering sinister stories in relation, is persuaded to become a firefighter in order to avenge his relative.

Esmeralda Pimentel plays Olivia.  (Netflix)
Esmeralda Pimentel plays Olivia. (Netflix)

On the other hand, it is seen cape like Ricardo, who had been imprisoned for an alleged participation in the murder of several women, who will try to get his son back. Life brings him together with Gloria, a widow played by songbook.

In addition to Eduardo and Itati, This production has within its talent: Emerald Pimentel, Ivan Amozurrutia, Mauricio Henao, Antonio Sotillo, Humberto Bust, Plutarch Haza, Oka Giner Y Haydeé Navarra; among other actors with less experience in the medium such as, Pole Morin, Daniel Gama, Alberto Garmassi, Ana Jimena Villanueva, Valeria Burgos Y Everardo Arzate.

Itati Cantoral plays the role of Gloria in "Where There Was Fire".  (Netflix)
Itati Cantoral plays the role of Gloria in “Where There Was Fire”. (Netflix)

where there was fire It is a story on fire in which the protagonist has no choice but to investigate thoroughly in the most unconventional way to find the truth.

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