Where is the cast of Glee? Look!

The script, songs, aesthetics and cast of glee left a generation of young adults homesick for the series created by TV genius Ryan Murphy.


Seven years after the airing of the last episode, actors and actresses who played together carry the affection of the public, but not everyone knows what they are up to. Of course! – this is not a problem for you, Minha Série reader.

We collected all the information we could find about the actors in the cast of the series, and we brought it here to show what they’ve been up to🇧🇷 The time has come to miss your beloved characters. Check out!

Lea Michele (Rachel)


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Lea Michele has always been the star of the young cast of the series. The actress saw her career as a singer be greatly boosted after joining the cast of gleeso much so that he released four albums, three of them after the end of the series.


This lessened his TV and film presence. She was part of the cast of two series that were not so successful: Scream Queens and The Mayor🇧🇷

On the other hand, the last two years have been devoted to Broadway musicals, with the new star of Funny Girla musical that propelled Barbra Streisand to success in the 1960s.

Jane LynchSue Sylvester

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From the cast of gleeJane Lynch is perhaps the actress who was best known to the public before, and who had the best trajectory after the end of production.

She doesn’t stop still: either in special appearances in series and films, or as an actress in great productions like The Good Fight🇧🇷

This year, he was in Only Murders in the Building and, for 2023, is involved with several series, including the dubbing of Velmainspired by the animation character Scooby Doo🇧🇷

Matthew MorrisonWill Schuester

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Professor Will Schuester is remarkable in Ryan Murphy’s production, for his inspiring and motivating character. Despite the success of the series, Matthew Morrison hasn’t been in much on TV – this after the end of glee🇧🇷

In addition to participation in The Good Wife and Grey’s Anatomywas in the 2019 season of American Horror Story🇧🇷

This year, he was involved in a scandal when he was fired as a judge on the talent show. So You Think You Can Danceaccused of inappropriate behavior towards a participant.

Chris Colfer (Kurt)

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Chris Colfer, Kurt, is another actor from the cast of glee who has hardly acted since then. In return, devoted himself to literature young adultbeing the author of bestseller Land of Stories🇧🇷

In all, he has published 18 books. On TV, she voices one of the characters from the animation RIdley Jones: The Keeper of the Museumoriginal Netflix.

Kevin McHale (Artie)

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Kevin McHale, Artie, did very few roles after the end of the series, mostly dubbing in animations or small appearances in episodes, as in 2021, in American Horror Stories🇧🇷

But it drew a lot of attention when it joined the cast of reality show RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race this year. This season, unfortunately, is not yet available on Netflix. It’s cheering to arrive!

Naya Rivera (Santana)

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Naya Rivera, the eternal Santana, did few things after the end of gleewith greater emphasis on the series She dances I dance🇧🇷

Unfortunately, died in July 2020victim of drowning, interrupting his brief career at the age of 33.

Jenna UshkowitzTina

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The South Korean Jenna Ushkowitz, dear Tina, has made small parts in expressive films since she left the cast of glee at the end of the series.

Titles like rosé all day and 1 Night in San Diego nor did they have distribution outside the United States. However, like your colleague from gleeKevin McHale, joined the cast of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race this year.

Amber Riley (Mercedes)

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Amber Riley, Mercedes, was also not so successful after the end of the musical series, which took TV by storm 13 years ago.

In addition to holdings in A Black Lady SketchShow and the lead role in the movie two-faced wizardis part of talk show ZIWEa kind of program in the style Lady Nightcommanded by Tatá Werneck.

Heather Morris (Brittany)

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There are those who want to argue that Brittany was unimportant in the cast of gleebut actress Heather Morris never cared about that.

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Without major roles in recent years, he divided his 2022 between producing a fiction podcast and participating in the British version of reality show The Masked Dancer🇧🇷

Darren Criss (Blaine)

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Darren Criss took off like a meteor from the end of glee, but did it right next to Ryan Murphy. He integrated series created by him, such as hollywood and American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace🇧🇷

In the latter, he gave life to the stylist’s killer, Andrew Cunanan. For that role, he won the Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series.

Jayma Mays (Emma)

(Source: FOX/Playback)(Source: FOX/Playback)Source: IMDb

Almost everyone who watched was rooting for the relationship between Will Schuester and Emma, ​​the character of actress Jayma Mays.

With the end of gleealternated dubbing work, sporadic appearances in series and the role of comedy Trial & Error – Canceled after the second season.

You can currently watch her on the HBO Max series, United States of Alin which she plays the character Cindy.

Dianna Agron (Quinn)

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What’s a series without its antagonist, right? And in the list of gleeno one handled this task better than actress Dianna Agron, Quinn.

The success of the series and her talent earned her numerous film appearances, such as in Shiva Baby🇧🇷 As They Made Us and The Laureatebiopic about British poet Robert Graves.

We hope we’ve given you a taste by showing you where your favorite actors and actresses are. Forward this list to friends who were also fans of the series🇧🇷 Take the opportunity to learn about other programs by reading our texts here on Minha Série!

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