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Where is Jet Li, famous martial arts movie actor

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Li Lianjie, better known as Jet Li, is a Chinese actor specializing in martial arts and champion of Wushu, popularly known as Kung Fu. Born on April 16, 1963 in Beijing, the artist has built a powerful career over the years.

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Although he is no longer at his peak as he was a few years ago, Jet Li is still extremely recognized for his importance, both in Eastern and Western cinema.

Learn more about the actor’s extensive career and whereabouts today.

Building your name in the industry

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During his teenage years, Jet Li spent a lot of time practicing martial arts. However, at the age of 19, the fighter decided to retire from this practice. So he chose to work as an actor, uniting his passion for fighting and his desire to act.

His first role was in The Time of Shaolin: The Heirs of Shaolin, a Chinese film in which Li debuted as the lead. After the success of the feature, two more sequels were made, also with the participation of the actor.

Over 16 years, Lianjie built his career in the eastern country. Then, in 1998, he starred in an American film for the first time: Lethal Weapon 4. In it, Li plays Wah Sing Ku, the villainous leader of a mafia.

A few years later, in 2000, he premiered one of the most remarkable films of his career. Romeo Must Die provided the actor with his first leading role. Since then, Jet Li has appeared in films such as Fight dog (2005) and The Expendables (2010). Still, the former fighter never stopped participating in Asian films.

Rumors about your health

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In 2018, a user posted a photo on social media in which Li appeared to be in poor health and very thin. Her manager, Steven Chasman, calmed the fans and explained that it was okay, that the photo was just taken from a bad angle.

A few years earlier, in 2013, Lianjie had already explained during a participation in a Chinese competition program that he suffers from hyperthyroidism. The actor was diagnosed with the disease in 2010 and kept it a secret for a few years, treating it with medication and all the necessary care.

Still, he had to take a break from action movies to take better care of his health.

Jet Li is still going strong

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Although he is working less, the actor is not completely away from the cameras. In 2020, Li participated in the live-action of mulanplaying the Emperor.

Yet, in the year 2007, he founded a non-profit charitable organization. The One Foundation works to help young people with mental health problems, victims of disasters and train professionals who care for the public welfare.

His passion for charity is such that, in 2008, the actor revealed that he turned down multimillion film contracts to continue dedicating himself to helping those most in need. Jet Li fans can still follow him through his Instagram, where he shares different moments with his daughters and at different events.

So, do you miss watching the martial arts actor on the big screen?

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