Where have you seen Leonie Benesch before? The actress who nails it in ‘Teachers’ Room’

The last few months have brought us a good helping of great female performances. Great actresses who have been able to shine in their respective roles in the cinema such as Emma Stone in poor creatures, Sandra Huller in Anatomy of a fall either Margot Robbie be in Babylon either Barbie (despite their absence at the Oscars), to name some of the best-known and most current, although the list would be long, and without forgetting the five finalists for our Goya awards.

Among them, another name, another face, to frame, that of the German Leonie Benesch who with Teacher’s room directed by Ilker Catak get keep us glued to the seat with his presence for more than an hour and a half, practically omnipresent, in a tense story of teachers and students taken to the limit. It is a small production that has managed to have more impact thanks to its Oscar nomination for best international film.

In it she plays Carla Nowak, a teacher who teaches mathematics, history and gymnastics classes to her young students, and whose ideals will clash with the institutional system and legal limits when trying to find out on his own, and recording a controversial video with his laptop, Who is the author of the robberies that are happening at your school?. An event of which not even his students who are barely 12 years old escape being suspected.

Excellent intentions, also with the aim of leaving her students out of the case, but that, despite everything, will end up causing her to clash with other colleagues, the parents’ meeting. and even with his own pupils.

Leonie Benesch in ‘Teachers’ Room’
A Contracorriente Films

Born in Hamburg on April 22, 1991, although her parents were from the city of Tübingen, where she grew up, she is the eldest of four siblings. and good proof of the multiculturalism of its origins is that his grandfather was French and his grandmother from Transylvania.

In 2013, at the age of 22, he moved to England to study music and dramatic art at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. And between the United Kingdom and Germany is where most of the productions she has worked on come from. With thirty titles in film and television behind himwe highlight the most emblematic titles in which he has participated, as protagonist andespecially in more secondary roles.

something to which Teacher’s room has made a remedy, being the absolute protagonist of the film, and which earned her be nominated at the European film awards and obtain, among other awards, best actress at the last edition of the German film awardsthe Lola, corresponding to the films released there in 2022 and in which Teacher’s room It won five statuettes, including best film and direction.

In ‘The White Ribbon’ (2009)

Leonie Benesch in 'The White Ribbon'
Leonie Benesch in ‘The White Ribbon’
Wega Film

After debuting in a supporting role at the age of 16 with Beautiful Bitchin his second feature film, and directed by Michael Hanekewas awarded the Hollywood Young Artist Award for an international feature film, shared with the young Leonard Proxauf for the same film, and the New Faces award in Germany for her role as a nanny. Besides, The white ribbon was Palme d’Or in Cannes and nominated for the Oscar for best international film.

In the miniseries ‘Return to Howards End’ (2017) and ‘Counterpart’ (2018)

Posters for the series 'Return to Howards End' and 'Counterpart'
Posters for the series ‘Return to Howards End’ and ‘Counterpart’
Playground Television UK / Starz

Already during his stay in England, he participated in what would be his first British production, in one of the four episodes of the careful miniseries Return to Howards End based on the novel by EM Forster (and with the illustrious precedent of the acclaimed adaptation by James Ivory in 1992). And the following year, in two episodes of the first season of the American science fiction series Counterpart starring J. K. Simmons.

In the series ‘Babylon Berlin’ (2017 – 2020)

'Babylon Berlin'
‘Babylon Berlin’
Sky Deutschland

His second role in a production with international impact and recognition was in the series created by Tom Tykwer and Achim von Borries and playing eventual domestic servant Greta Overbeck. She ended up being distinguished as best supporting actress at the German Screen Actors Award (the Deutscher Schauspielpreis)..

In the series ‘The Crown’ (2017)

'The Crown'
‘The Crown’

In the well-known British series focused on the figure of Queen Elizabeth II, She played Cecilia of Greece and Denmarkthe older sister of Philip of Edinburgh, in two episodes of the second season and one of the third.

In ‘The Persian Teacher’ (2020)

'The Persian teacher'
‘The Persian teacher’

In this co-production between Germany, Russia and Belarus, she played the main female role, one of the guards of a Nazi concentration camp. Place where its protagonist, Gilles (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart), who to avoid being executed claimed that he was not a Jew but a Persian. In our cinemas it was released in January 2021 and it was Belarus’ candidate for the Oscar for best international film.

In the series ‘Spy City’ (2020)

'Spy City'
‘Spy City’

Spy miniseries set in the early 60s, before the construction of the Berlin Wall. He was in all six episodes. of this intricate plot with nothing to envy of the novels of John le Carré.

In the miniseries ‘Around the world in 80 days’ (2021)

'Around the World in 80 Days'
‘Around the World in 80 Days’

With this new adaptation, in 8-episode series format, of the famous novel by Julio Verne carried by the BBC, fulfilled one of his childhood dreams. When she was 13 years old she saw Pirates of the Caribbean and she was obsessed, by the film and the DVD extras. That’s why she was especially excited to be in a story of adventure and magnitude. She played journalist Abigail Fix, accompanying the intrepid Phileas Fogg (David Tennat) and his assistant Passepartout on their extraordinary journey from one end of the globe to the other.

In the series ‘The Fifth Day’

'The fifth day'
‘The fifth day’
Schwarm TV Production

An eight-episode German series that combines science fiction thriller with catastrophic echoes caused by strange marine phenomena increasingly disturbing. Based on the novel by Frank Schaetzing, had a budget of 40 million euros and its broadcast was a success, especially in Germany. It is currently available on Movistar+.

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