Home Tech News When will the new Apple MacBook arrive in 2023?

When will the new Apple MacBook arrive in 2023?

When will the new Apple MacBook arrive in 2023?
The devices would have the next generation M3 processor chips incorporated (Photo: Apple)

One of the products expected by the recurring users of the devices of Manzana is the new computer iMac with screen 24 inches of a new generation that was rumored to be launched on the market this year. However, there is a possibility that it will not be released into the market shortly.

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The reason behind the delay would be that the current models of the computer, which have the chips processors M1would not be updated by Manzana to check in the next version of the component (m2), but they would be waiting to have chips ready Next Generation As the M3 to add them to these devices and introduce them publicly with new capabilities.

Information presented by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman indicates that for now users will have to wait at least until the end of the year. 2023 to view this device on stores and official distributors of apple products. Despite this, there is also the possibility that this launch will not take place until the first months of the 2024 due to the time it will take to develop this technology.

Apple iMac computers.  (Macrumors)
Apple iMac computers. (Macrumors)

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In the case of these new components which will include Manzana for the next generation of devices iMacit is known that these will be focused on providing better performance in the execution of tasks and efficiency in the management of the energy. In addition, it is expected that they can be present in the new macbook air which would be released in the second half of 2023.

On the other hand, it would also be possible that the macbook pro and macmini integrate this new component among their technical specifications, although Manzana has not confirmed this possibility officially, so no further details are currently known about the development of these chips.

A new MacBook Air could be presented

With regard to releases related to portable devices of Manzana2023 could see the presentation of new macbook air with a much larger screen in the style of its Pro model. According to the Apple Insider portal, various analysts of the company’s products agree that this new type of device would have a screen of 15 incheseven larger than that corresponding to the macbook prowhich has one of 14 inches.

MacBook Air with 15.5-inch screen.  (Apple Insiders)
MacBook Air with 15.5-inch screen. (Apple Insider)

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One of the specialists in technology such as Ross Young, dedicated a publication on his official page of Twitter only available for your subscribers in which he stated that the new macbook air that would be presented during 2023 would have a screen of up to 15.5 inchesIn addition, it could see the light during the first half of 2023.

Another estimate regarding the launch of the new model of the MacBook is the one presented by the Apple news filter, Ming Chi Kuowho also indicated on Twitter that the device will indeed have 15 inchesbut that its manufacture will not begin until the last quarter of the 2023.

For his part, one of Kuo’s most commented predictions is that Apple’s new device might not have “Air” in its name. While mark gurman indicated at the time that these devices would have incorporated the M2 chips of the company and that despite being presented during the 2023would reach official stores and distributors only at the beginning of the year 2024.

Apple's new MacBook would have 15 inches and would go on sale in 2023. (Apple Insider)
Apple’s new MacBook would have 15 inches and would go on sale in 2023. (Apple Insider)

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Although the rumors have not yet found a common point regarding the exact date of the launch official of the new MacBookthey have pointed to 2023 as the possible year in which the device can start production, so in the coming months news regarding the design and characteristics additional.

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